From reading my posts I'm sure you guys all know that I adore / love natural beauty and its corresponding products. The greener, more natural, organic, edible (ingredients so pure you could eat),  essentially the shorter the list, the better.

This wasn't an overnight switch for me, as before I got sick (circa 2006), I still used conventional, drugstore products. Cetaphil anyone?  Which I held on to for over a decade fearing I would never find anything ever as great as the tried and true Big C... 

But as I began to heal deeper, becoming mindful of myself, my body, and what I choose to do with it, I learned more about the toxic load on my holistic body and mind,  and most notably our largest organ, the skin.

I slowly (I didn't change everything overnight, as you don't want to shock your skin to a whole new regime - when introducing new products for my clients, we start s l o w ) started to make the switch over to organic, natural, green beauty products. As I delved deeper into my healing journey with Lyme Disease,  hypothyroidism, and everything in between...

I couldn't neglect, over-look, and turn my head to what I was putting In + On my body, as it definitely effects us on a cellular level. i believe we can only turn away for so long! 

It's very easy to forget how porous our skin actually is, as it acts as a barrier to us. We believe, and have been taught to slather stuff on, without thinking of the ramifications of the internal transdermal passing of more toxic ingredients. Not to be psycho about it, as I truly speak from a compassionate heart, but everything we put on top of our skin (deodorant, moisturizer, oils, serums, body wash, etc...) inevitably goes into our blood / lymph fluids, and any corresponding toxins must be excreted by the liver and kidneys (they are already working overtime) which therefore creates a toxic overload / burden on our bodies.At the end of the day it's a fact that women come into contact with an average of 168 toxins daily. Not weekly or monthly, but daily. It's not meant to scare you, but to get you to start thinking about what surrounds you - externally, and internally. We get to make up our cells, and body on a moment to moment basis. 

Which means your conventional products which you think might be helping you heal, might actually be making things worse, whether it's to heal your skin, or any other symptom you're experiencing.  

I instill mindfulness into everything I put in, and on my body, not in a obsessive manner, but thoughtfully, and in a ritualistic + curated manner.

I'm not crazy about it (I promise), I'm not a purist, as I don't believe that works for me and never want to be obsessive about things as that just creates more toxicity!  I want to be able to travel freely and not stress about my surroundings, and I never want to pass judgement on what someone else chooses to use, and do. We're all navigating are own journeys, so I can only be a guide, if you're willing, and wanting to change. If you're not and love what you're doing / using, amazing,  if you want to make a shift, that's cool to. Ultimately it's your body, mind, soul, and life. I just want you to be your best and most authentic self, and live in your healthiest body, whatever that looks like for You. 

For my own body, I eat organic, slather my face + body in all natural ingredients, sweat, am conscious of my environmental impact, eat copious amounts of vegetables, drink liters & liters of water daily, meditate, want to be the kindest human ever, but I never allow it to be puritanical, as I want to always leave room for l i f e, and being a human. I choose to eat meat consciously, and drink bone broth as I please as I feel incredible when I do.  I was vegan for 8 years, and I didn't feel my best near the end, nor did I like a label. Again, zero judgement, as I respect every single soul on this planet, and what them (You) to choose to ingest or not ingest. This is simply my journey, and what I've found what works best for me. If it inspires you, gets you to question, or provokes anything with you, than amazing.

We're all beautifully unique, and at the end of the day there is not one single diet + way of living that is perfect. Not one. 

Ok, back to skin! I get V impassioned about all of the above. I meet people where they are at, and ultimately, my end goal here is to see you happy, stepping into your authentic self, thriving - not just surviving, and truly having the skin of your dreams, if you so desire. 

Today  I don't want to talk about the products that I put onto my skin (As this differs for everyone), but the habits and things you can do every single day to help keep your skin glowing, and clear. When I was struggling heavily with my cystic acne. and pigmentation for years I tried it all...My skin took years, and years, and years to clear / balance out, and while I was targeting my internal systems (Hormones, digestion, mind, food sensitivities) I practiced all of the below, as our external environment still impacts our skin. 

As it lives and breathes in this world. Just as you do. To deny it care, is like denying your heart, brain, and liver the love it needs. Don't by pass your largest organ. 


1) Wash your bedding + pillow cases often - Once a week for sure, twice if you can! The bacteria that builds up from unwashed hair, daily grime, natural oils from the hair and face can wreak havoc on our skin. It's a good practice to get into, and who doesn't love freshly. washed. sheets. One of my simple pleasures. 

2) Avoiding long, hot daily showers - When we are exposed to hot water for a long period of time, our skin will dry out, and any skin condition you do you (eczema, psoriasis, acne, breakouts) will be exacerbated to the max. Hot water, and especially h a r d shower water is extremely hard on our epidermis. Be mindful of how often, and how long your showers are. Turn down the heat, and replace your shower add that has a filter in it. If we take good care of the water we put inside our bodies, than the shower/water that we bathe in should be given the same TLC.

3) Clean your makeup brushes often - Even after one application oils, and bacteria can build. Wash them with Dr. Bronners soap at least once per week, twice, if you suffer with breakouts.

4) Hands off- This one is a hard one for some. We become so unconscious of what we are doing with / placing our hands sometimes, that our dirty hands get all over our face. Resting, leaning, and chatting on our phones are major  culprits for breakouts. Be mindful of how often / if you are touching your face often throughout the day.

5) Don't pick - I knoooooow this is a hard one for many, especially those of us who deal with flare-ups (white heads). It is EXTREMELY tempting to pick, squeeze and pop our pimples, and I have to admit I used to be a massive picker / popper (gross, but true). 

 But at the end of the day it will only make it worse. It is much easier to cover a pimple, than it is a scab/scar. Trust me on this! Almost every time I've done it, I've regretted it. Unless it was a major white head, that was there in the AM, and I had to face people super face - to - face. I practice safe "popping practices", and make sure it's super white + ready to pop. If not, leave it alone. 

6) Relax your face - Squinting, frowning, raised eye brows, scowling, all of these create pronounced / deep wrinkles! Remember when your parents used to say, if you keep doing that face, it will stay they way? THEY WERE 100% Right!!! You can see in people who squint lots or furrow there brows, pronounced lines stay. I used to furrow when I was deep in thoughts, and stopped the habit about 6 years ago, and became very mindful about it. This going back to complete and overall mindfulness of your body and mind. Just as your aware of your thoughts, be aware of your body - posture, hands, face, etc . . . Don't be fanatical about it, because that's not cool either, but relax and fall into a more peaceful resting state. Which ultimately benefits your mind, body, and skin. 

7) Be mindful of your sodium intake -  Don't cut it out, just be mindful of lots of added salt in packaged food.  I use Himalayan Salt, and add salt onto my food, instead of already having it in it.  I noticed a huge difference in my skin - more glow, not as puffy, clearer eyes, less pronounced circles under my eyes. Salt creates fluid retention, which in turn creates puffy eyes, and a bloated face. 

8) We love Mr. Sun, but he can do damage - Be mindful of how much sun exposure you're getting.  A little in the early hours, and late afternoon are amazing, as the UV A(GING) and UV B(URNING) aren't as strong. Again, the sun isn't bad or evil, it actually has a lot of healing properties, but it can cause cellular damage to our largest organ. So just be sun safe! 

9) Practice self-love - If we don't love ourselves from a genuine, authentic, and truthful place it's very hard to show our bodies, and minds the love they so desire, and need. If anywhere, we have to start here. It's like a plant - if you don't care, nourish, nurture, hydration and love your plant - what happens to it? We're the same. So next time you take care of your plants, or even your pet - think about the love that you're giving yourself, is it the same, more, less... we wilt just the same. 


It's so interesting as so many of the above practices are habitual + unconscious. By the time we get to the age of 35 -  90% of our days, habits, and routines are habit. That scares me, so being mindful of the above, and just everything in life, helps to grow, expand, and allows us to step deeper into creating shifts, and space for our wildest of goals, actions + plans.  This is my goal for You. 



1.How much of what you do to your skin + in life is habitual + unconscious? 

2. Is your skin where you want it to be? If not, Why?