Honeymoon swimsuit! I have my eye on a few, and the only criteria is white + slinky (totally out of my normal black bikini) but if there is any place to go for it, it's 1) On your honeymoon, 2) In Europe 

I MUST try this, I've never tried a powdered Vitamin C before, but this one is one my list of products to try nest (I go so, so, so slow with trying new products + integrating things) 

Summer staple

Trying to find my wedding scent ( I LOVE SCENTS) - this is a contender (even though I've never tried it) - it combines three of my favourite profiles, this one is also a contender, and while it's not "green" I'm obsesssssed with the smell + all that it embodies (we're also getting married in the woods so it's so fitting), and I've never worn anything like it before (note: Your olfactory senses are SO powerful  - I want to wear a unique scent so that whenever I wear + smell it, it brings me back to our Wedding day + the moment we said "I DO) Call me cheesy, but I'm a classic romantic who loves the simple + little things more than anything 

Possible wedding earrings

Or these 

This has caught my eye, and now it's on the skin list too! 

I don't travel without this guy

CLASSICS (one of my favourite brands)

Thinking of delving into the land of silk pillow cases, at home, but for when I travel

My travel essential

Beauty shrooms 4ever