A powerful anti-viral + this PP is Canadian 

THIS press is a piece of art - manifesting it into my life 

The branding + this product - can't go wrong 

REF never disappoints, but there is just something about the cut of this dress that is giving me all the vibes

One of my favourite skincare brands - this 3-1 will cover a lot of bases 

THESE hoops have won me over big time 

Paris in the fall (we're going next month!) has me dreaming of Parisian vibes / style, espressos, berets, architecture, romantic brisk walks around the city streets + all the classic (possibly cheesy) french vibes, so I've downloaded this guide for all the best spots, as Casey + Ally know their coffee + have the best vibes

For our organic home brews - homemade ceramics for the win, always  

Still don't have this! On the list, as gut health is paramount, and I don't vibe or cook with cookbooks but  I'm forever a sucker for design /  clean  crisp cool vibes, and this one continues to speak to me 

!!!!!! How did I not realize that LL has perfume !!!!!!  I'm over the moon. STILL not settled on my wedding day scent, this actually might be it. Will order a sample... and let you know what I decided on post wedding