My favourite style of hats, with Fall just around the corner, I must update my collection 

THESE candles - they get me every time, and they are so natural + environmentally friendly 

Switching my toothbrushes to bamboo - these are great + super inexpensive 

Same with hair! Eco-friendly + making shifts does not have to be inexpensive 

One of my favourite skincare lines - if you're going to be in the Sun - this is a must have!

NEW line for me - I'm obsessed already. Being a olfactory lover,  sourcing holistic + green perfumeries is key for me 

Simple, feminine, elegant, eco-friendly - always

THIS edition - it / she really inspires me - Getting it for a permanent place in my home 

Pebble stonewear shaped by hand - blissful

Obsessed with this pillow I got yesterday 



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