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Purpose (Earth)
Body (Water)
Mind (Fire) 
Soul (Wind)


Today's beautiful soul is Laney Crowell, founder of The Moment. 

I've been following this site + instagram since the beginning, as I'm forever inspired by women challenging the norm, birthing a project out of thin air, and a desire to shift people's perception about what beauty really is, as it's different for all of Us. Yet it's something that unifies us as women. Something we can share, bond, and connect over.

I love Laney's fresh approach to beauty, as she really embodies the fact that it's an inside job - and it will forever and always be this journey. But it's also about marrying the external via green beauty, with the internal in the most holistic and light filled way. 

I could go on, but I'll let Laney share her glow, the way she flows, and how her daughter is her biggest inspiration. 

These four elements of inner + outer radiance can unify us, draw us closer, and help us see that we're all just trying to shine our light the only way we know how. 

Through being ourselves. 




Q: What’s your purpose ?  To redefine beauty.

Q: How do you share your gifts with the world?  

Through sharing my journey towards living my truest life

Q: What motivates you?

My own struggles with self love.

Q: How do you stay driven?  

My daughter motivates me everyday. I want her to have the best role model to look up to.

Q: One piece of business / brand / career advice you would share to any + everyone you meet?

 Be kind to everyone from the janitor to the assistants to your boss. Be proud of who you are when you get home at the end of the day. 



Q: How do you practice beauty from the inside out?  

I drink 2-3 liters of water a day, often with lemon, I eat raw and plant-based for most of the day, I meditate every morning, and I find moments of self-care throughout the day.

Q: Favourite nourishing foods?

 Simple smoothies without a lot of ingredients (my favorite is berries, banana, and spinach with homemade cashew milk). I love crudité too, especially with my “famous” homemade herb dip (recipe is in my highlights). 

Q: Favourite nourishing practices for body / skin?

I do a pure Manuka Honey mask on my face once a week. It’s anti-bacterial and leaves my skin glowing. 

Q: How do you move your body / sweat?

 I do a heated dance class with muscular work. 

Q: 5 skincare products you cherish?

Vintner’s Daughter Face Oil, Osea Probiotic Face Polish, Indie Lee Brighten Facewash, Gwa Sha, and Osmia bar soap.

Q: Where does your inner confidence come from?

My confidence is something I work on everyday. I feel the most confident when I’m really in touch with my inner voice.


Belathee Photography. . @belathee

Belathee Photography. @belathee




Q: A few books you couldn’t live without?

A Course in Miracles is my most cherished

Q: A few podcasts / audiobooks that stoke  your mind / fire within?  

I listen to the recordings with Abraham Hicks on the Law of Attraction on repeat,  I love How I Built This, and the Goop podcast.

Q: How do you calm your inner thoughts + fears?  

Journalling. After 20 minutes of free form writing I always get to the root of what’s really going on. 

Q: What’s one thing you do for your mental health?

Exercise. It is my medicine. That and meditation.

Q: How do you switch off from social media / devices (rules? boundaries? )

I try to make Sunday Social Media free. And if I start to feel any anxiety will looking at social media, I turn it off immediately.



Q: What 3 words describe your Inner essence?

Sweet, kind, loving

Q: How do you feed your soul on a weekly basis?

Spending time in nature. Touching the trees, putting my feet in the sand. And cooking.

Q: What’s one thing we can do to make the world a better place?

Allowing each other to be our self. We all have our own realities that we’ve manifested and created. The greatest gift is to allow each other to be ourselves.

Q: How do you feed your soul?

Giving my daughter 1,000,000 kisses everyday.



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