A cool, clean, crisp, tailored blazer makes you feel that much more confident (or is that just me?) - this will be part of my collection come Fall ( going to head to the store in Paris next month!) 

The name had me, but was eyeing a pair like this for months - finally sourced a pair 

THIS bra, this store again - becoming a new favourite 

All natural retinol infused eye masks - I'll take 10! 

Yes, yes, yes - new skincare brand to me - This is on my list to try (I don't like to rotate my skin care too much, but this one is really speaking to me. I really have to feel it in my gut to add something new in - I'm getting the intuitive hit for this) 

Same, same but different - a twist on the classic T (which are my staples) that I'm really into 

I don't smoke weed, but I will light this up (cbd I'm into) 

I finallllllly found my take away cup that fits all my criteria - style, design, functionality - I'm in love, as it's sleek, but multi-functional, as it can also serve as a reusable smoothie cup - win win win  

Something I believe to my core






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