Picturing this with vintage levi’s and a houndstooth blazer for the Fall! Classy, yet super feminine - my kind of style

All the notebooks for this season - there is just something about back to school that fires me up and instills the need to buy a copious amount of journals for all the things - client intakes, intentions, random notes… all the notes! Loving the ambient vibes of this one

THIS - I just have a feeling that I will love every last drop

Obsessed with rose hip tea ATM - High in Vitamin C, and just so perfect for Fall

My Fall beauty must- have - just kissed lips are my favourite hue

The King-Healer of mushrooms - you can’t go wrong with Chaga as we head into F/W 19’

The magic if Palo Santo, not a whole lot is more cleansing than this “holy wood” - this hydrosol will be healing for both skin, and spirit

Fall fashion is my favourite, favourite, favourite - I’m not a massive dress person, so I’ve always resonated with the deeper mood, energies and layerings of Fall - vintage denim, blazers, chunky knits, black boots - this sweater by one of my favourite brands is the epitome of a seasonal chunky knit

How much do you really believe + embody this? (It’s a hard one, but it’s so true)

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