Lush floral body with warm woody undertones - yes please! I. love. scents and love discovering new ones - always will - as it evokes such whimsical emotions as our olfactory senses are deep + strong and can bring us back to that time, place, memory just through scent 


Light denim forever -  just found this brand, and completely fell in love - these jeans are on my list! 

My true green staple - Make sure you always buy Hawaiian Spirulina - it's the only pure one on the market 

Fall / Winter 19' is coming - and this jacket is calling my name (don't worry it's faux)...THIS brand, I tell you, I'm just a little bit obsessed 

Winter is coming... I re-evaluate my skin regime every season, and this might be a new addition as the winters up North can be brutal to our skins lipid barrier  (MV is also one of my favourite skincare brands ever) 

Eyebrow gel that's both highly functional, and classy to it's core ( I can't help it, I love Chanel, always have) TRUTH: I used to be ashamed of this fact (and hid it in my Shadow),  as I live my life so holistically, but I've let it go because life can also be dreamy, joy filled and design / art is appreciated in many ways for many people - one of mine is fashion, and I really value quality products. I don't own  any designer wear, but Chanel has my heart + always will - I don't value material things or uphold them, and they will never make me happy, and sometimes one just doesn't have to explain or justify, it's just kinda in the soul + can't be explained (I had to get that out!)

NEW favourite jewelry company - these hoops are on my list - I have a thing for Australia + Australian designers - it's sign from the Universe I must go... my heart is telling me something 

The magical ingredient to everything, yet the hardest thing we find to deploy 





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