Guys, this coat! Perfect over a pair of levi’s + combat boots ( see below!) - I’m in love

Everyone has to listen to THIS podcast episode - It was next level…. I knew the chemical farming industry was bad, this just opened up my eyes to a whole other level. All we can do is educate + shift our own actions. I highly, highly recommend this episode it will shift you spirituality, and in ways you see our land / planet

Got these boots a few days ago and they are even better in person, and on my feet - if you live in a cold climate they are stellar… I’ll be looking for a similar style come S/S 19’ as these are toasty + salt-proof! I’ve always loved a classic Doc - masculine, powerful, yet can still be feminine and minimal

I cannot stop eating this

More white! My Kundalini practice has me craving all things white and gold - to activate my 10-body system, and most notably my radiant body

I’ve been dipping my toes in Kundalini since this Fall, and really committed to a daily practice since mid- November and I’m so in love. For some reason I felt a resistance to it for years, and something shifted within me last year ( Ah, 2018 ! What a year !) which means that I am / was drawn to it for a reason. It’s awakened things within me that I’m so joyfully enjoying - Love Guru Jagat and am loving her book

Has anybody tried this style yet? I’m looking for a vintage Levi semi crop as they go better with a high boot. Will have to try them on in-store and report back

This is next up on my list to try. On my 2019 goal / intention / manifestation lists I wrote that I wanted to explore / test new natural oils, as I always want to speak to products I recommend to clients authentically. Also with my upcoming podcast release, I want to dig deeper into the green beauty industry as there are so, so, so many stellar products, and products out there