We are only half way through January, but I feel as if people are already dreading February, and the energy of the New Year starts to falter, waver, and vanish. So much of my practice, and deeper healing energy is to live in the energy of a new year every single day, as truthfully each and everyday is a day to start anew. It might sound cheesy, but this is how I see everyday. No matter what went on the other day, it’s a new day to step into my power, energy, Self, and grow through my days in all the ways - good and bad. It’s not about negating all the negative things / experiences / symptoms as they are simply here to protect Us. But what we must cultivate, learn and apply is to acknowledge the negative mind as it’s not going anywhere, it’s evolutionary and built into our survival state, but we can say “hey, you know what you’re not serving me right now, NEXT”, we have the ability to gain control of our mind on every front, it’s not easy, but we have this power, and we can command our energy to choose the positive mind and Self.


Society / Your environment has taught you not to harness this energy (Pharmaceutical industry, GMO farming, schooling, TV, media, etc… Insert anything in there that taps you out of your Self + Power). This is why we must do the work to tap you back in, and for you to work on harnessing this power, nurturing your intuition ( we are all highly intuitive), and shifting your energy to heal, and not to live in the negative mind. This is why it takes work! We’ve also been taught that we live in a quick fix world. While yes absolutely, we can start to notice shifts in the moment, we still have to practice, work at it, and cultivate a lifestyle that allows for us to continue to tap back in. I mean I sure do, no one is immune to do! I can’t just meditate or practice Kundalini once or twice a week and except my mind to be in a certain state. I have to nurture, nourish, grow, expand, practice and work at it.

In Kundalini yoga we / you have 10 bodies and of these 10 bodies we have 3 minds - The negative (2nd) body, Positive (3rd), and Neutral (4th body). So as you can see the negative mind comes before the positive because it’s here to protect Us ( it’s where fear, anger, shame, guilt, neurosis, pain) exist. If we didn’t have it, we wouldn’t be able to survive in our environments. So what we have to do is acknowledge the negative mind, and command our energy to shift to the Positive mind, while we work on living in the Neutral mind.

When we think of February (Unless you live in the Southern Hemisphere!) we envision the coldest and darkest month of the year, which it technically is. When you arise it's dark, when you proceed to leave from work it's still dark, and when you go to bed you feel some sort of darkness set in. This is the time of year where a lot of people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and numerous other mood, anxiety and health disorders become amplified. Without ample amount of sunlight, which gives us our Vitamin D, aka 'Happy Hormone Producing Vitamin', many of us fall into the February Funk… But if we didn’t have to?

What if all of this has been programmed into our subconscious? The fact that February has to be dark, dreary, and cold. To me - it doesn’t, this is just something we’ve imprinted in. We often find ourselves wanting to escape not only our physical environment, but also our physical body, our energetic body, and our mental / emotional mind. We numb ourselves to things / people / experiences / Our Self so we don’t have to feel, grow, and work at expanding. But what if feeling uncomfortable and embracing the cold (the other side of where you want to be) will actually push yourself to where you want to be.

What if you stayed and sat in that uncomfortable state? What’s on the other side of that? I know for me, it’s where the magic lives.

For example - One of my great tests this season has been continuing my cold showers as we live each day in the negative degree celsius mark. I mean just thinking of it can send shivers up and down your spine. I’m not going to lie and sugar coat it, it’s cold, and thinking of taking a cold shower each morning when it’s icy outside isn’t the most pleasure of thoughts, or experiences. But what’s on the other side of that? For me it’s pushing myself Beyond what I think is possible for myself - physically and mentally. Because let me tell you after a cold shower, you feel alive. It stimulates your circulatory, lymph systems, and also targets the nervous system which is where so much of our pain / neurosis / stagnation exists, as we all live in a hyper stimulated world. To name but a small list of their benefits. If you live in todays modern world, your nerves are on edge ( unless doing things to counter balance this!). All in all, they are beyond incredible and could go on and on about them, but what I find the most fascinating about them is their ability to tap you out of yourself in the best way as when you’re in the cold you can’t think of anything else, but focus on your breath, because if you freak out or bounce around this negates the deepest of healing benefits. To me it’s also the ability to push past my comfort zone… I mean a cold shower when I can see the snow outside my window, it’s definitely uncomfortable. But when I step outside of this, it’s opens up endless possibilities in all areas, not just physically. It awakens, enlivens, evolves and pushes you beyond what you thought possible for yourself… So for me it’s less physical, and more mind / mental, and when we talk about deep healing, or healing in general we must focus on the mind first, as it comes before the physical body. Again, against what we’ve taught or live, but when harnessed leads to just beauty, power, healing, strength and happiness.

I could go on, and on about this topic, or just healing in general ( It’s my big, big, big passion to tap people into their power to heal deeper), but I wanted to give you some tips and actionables, on how to help ride yourself of toxins, stay present, let go, nourish and command your energy to step back into your power.

Actionables //

  • Don’t focus on a particular diet, focus on the foods that make you feel alive. Eating simple whole foods in their whole form is best. Processed foods are depleted of valuable nutrients and packed full of chemicals and sugars. Something I practice / and work with my clients to embody is deephealing eating aka intuitive eating

  • Staying hydrated enlivens you on all levels. When you feel down, hungry or in “lack” hydrate. It seems so simply and rudimentary, but it’s so important and powerful. Very often when we feel hungry, it is often a sign of dehydration. It is best to drink lots of water before and after meals but not during. Water helps the body detoxify which keeps the digestive system healthy.

  • Eating high fiber foods helps the body stay nourished, and eliminating properly, as proper bowel movements are often overlooked but so, so, so important to your body / mind / soul body. So important! I like my clients having at least 2 healthy BM a day, and we shoot for 3 as being optimal. But we work our way up as the body heals on a deeper level. No flow! No Glow! And when we aren’t properly eliminating toxins are left within us constantly circulating back into our systems, which we do not want. Fiber helps the body eliminate toxins and keeps the digestive system healthy so that the nutrients can be properly absorbed into the body.

  • Focusing on your mind, this is a big part of my healing practice as the mind comes before the body. They are absolutely synergistic, and work off each other, but we must tap into the fact that our Mind has the ability to override our bodies. This is so clearly and miraculously shown in the placebo effect. It’s potent, powerful and true. We just have to harness our energy, gather tools, support, to work on shifting our mind / thoughts / energy, and then practice, nurture, and continue to nourish the mind, body, and soul ( And in Kundalini the 10 Bodies!)

  • Detoxification can be aided by dry brushing, saunas and steams, detox baths, and cold showers (!!!). They are an excellent way to help release toxins. They are also all great for increasing the health and appearance of the external skin (epidermal layers) before S/S 19’ as we show more skin on a physical level. But on a mental / mind level we just feel our best, when our skin is healthy, glowing, functioning properly (it’s a organ!) so we must take care of it like we do other organs. It’s important to dry brush your skin for lymph flow, and end with 30-60 sec of cold water when you shower if you’re just starting! If you want to amp it up further, try doing just 60 sec of cold water, no hot water to start.

  • Overconsumption of food puts stress on all of our bodies ( 3 - 10 bodies :) ), can affect the health of our digestive system, not to mention that it’s the most energy taxing system in our body so it robs us of so much energy (over 30% of the bodies total energy). When the days a little darker, colder, shorter it’s actually more beneficial to eat lighter, warmer, and more nourishing foots. Think lots of earth foods, root veggies, and healthy fats. This enables us to shift our energy most readily, and doesn’t put such a stress on all of our “bodies”. Think of when you eat a super heavy, and rich meal - it doesn’t just effect you physically, but also mentally / emotionally. We want to prevent this so you can see this season as energy enriching, and use / harness your energy for radiance, raising your vibration, commanding your power, and choosing to shift your mind from negative —> positive. It takes energy either way, so let’s use the energy to shift to positive / neutral mind.

  • Every morning drink 1½ cups of warm water with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, fresh lemon, and take a probiotic.

  • On the flip side of cold showers, is super hot epsom salt baths to detoxify another way. If you have a bathtub add 2-3 cups of Epsom salt (Magnesium) and soak for 20 minutes at the end of the day. Add lavender oil, or 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar if you have it - it makes skin ridiculously soft, and also aids in the skin in detoxification

  • Gratitude journaling. This can sound trite, but it’s so powerful for our conscious and our subconscious mind. It also helps bring in more prosperity into our lives, as when we focus on what we already have, we’re able to raise our energy and shift it into an abundance energy state, instead of always focusing and living in a state of lack. These two differing energy states are wildly powerful, one way or another, and to grow, evolve, and life our best Self + Life, we must get out of lack, and live in abundance. If you don't have one already, start a gratitude journal. We can't be fearful, anxious or sad when we are grateful. When we raise our energy and frequency, we have to get into a state of gratitude, or no matter how much prosperity we have (not just financial, this is in all areas of life) we will never be truly happy.

As we continue to step deeper into the winter season, we can shift how we view, live, and embody these next 8-12 weeks. The cold shows us how powerful we really are. It’s empowering, invigorating, and allows us to harness another facet of our ability to heal on a deeper level. When we start to not only recognize our resilience, but embody it, we are able to step into our full and utter Radiance. Our radiant body is able to outshine them all on a frequency that’s palpable, powerful, and at the end of the day our true state and Self. It’s all within Us, we just need the tools and to practice what is already so inherently and innately within.


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