After coming back from Alberta this week, I’m all sorts of dry! After living in “humid” Toronto, I didn’t expect my skin + lips to go flakey. Thank goodness for this oil - it’s my favourite body oil to date

I’ve been looking for a belted blazer for ages, this just might be the one!

Blue light glasses that suit my style - will be getting these as I definitely put in the clock time behind my screen

Such a staple and classic for me that I’m never without, and when I start to go low I buy a new one before the old one ever runs dry. The only make-up I use and love

THIS magazine, and issue - in love

Gold hoops with a little bit of a twist - always looking for good quality hoops that don’t break the bank

This book is on my list of readings - I’ve listened to a couple of podcasts that had Paul on as a guest, and I’m forever blown away. Once I known the next two off ( as they are in my possession!) this will be the next one up

I love MV intensely (Dream to get her on the podcast!) and because winter in Canada, no matter where you are, takes the moisture out, this baby puts in back in, in a soothing, calming yet effective / potent way

SO SIMPLE - love this!

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