As January comes to a close it’s been met with a lot of tense energies. I know for a lot of my friends, and clients it’s been a whirlwind. A lot of releasing what’s not serving Us, and really, really, really peeling back the onions to our MOST authentic, and radiant selves. It takes time, work, patience and fortitude. We often resist the work, but it’s what we need the most. As we do go through our journey I do believe it’s important to surround ourselves with things we truly, and genuinely love - it’s okay to enjoy and love fashion, beauty, art, design, have a desire to be successful so you can be free in your physical & mental body, while still being spiritual and grounded in Wellness!

What I’ve been embodying and learning through my own spiritual practice, and with Kundalini is that prosperity is just an energy, and the Universe is our bank. It all just flows one way or another. So to align ourselves with the things, people and experiences we want, we also have to raise our vibration on a physical, mental, emotional and soulful way - via deep healing. As we flow, so do all the things around us…

THIS spray is next level, if you’ve never experienced that dream that is May Lindstrom you must once in your life

Always on the gold hoop train and hunt to switch things up. Really love this company, and their unique, yet classic designs

White tops because I just find them the most classic with a stellar pair of jeans, and killer shoes

I cannot stop snacking on dried mulberries - so rich in vitamin C, and they just make a perfect snack with a cup of green tea

Got these from living libations, and have been loving to use them in my AM & PM oil cleanse - gentle exfoliation, yet a super thorough cleanse

Love her, and her designs! This is one of my favourites

These guys, how sweet with your hair down - brings me back to my childhood - Who didn’t love barrettes? Adds a nice touch to a simple jeans and t-shirt outfit

NEED this - after coming back from Alberta my lips have been so try! Love the idea of a lip mask pre bed and again in the morning if needed. If we mask other parts of our body, our lips shouldn’t be left out


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