A big post, as this topic is layered, and can be controversial to some, as we’ve been programmed to attach labels to everything.

Literally everything.

Don't get me wrong, labels have a place in our world, and society, but I don't believe it's the label per say, but how we latch onto it, how we let it define us, and how it keeps us stagnant, in fear, leaking our vital energy + power, or keeps us safe & sound within our comfort zone. 

Essentially, IF YOU LET IT, a label has more power than You! we give ourselves over to labels (CONSCIOUSLY + SUBCONSCIOUSLY) hoping / thinking it will help, while in the end it actually blocks us from our true healing, and authentic + radiant Self.

It’s often not the label, but our thoughts, emotions, actions and definitions around it.

I've played a part in them all, and with the craziness that was 2018, old patterns / ego / labels tried to creep there way back in to keep me small, safe + blocked.

I’ve done a lot of reflecting, and work through this process, and it was difficult, but man was it ever eye-opening, extremely re-awakening, and has elicited deep, deep healing. Stuff I thought I dealt with, but hadn’t, and to now bring light to it, it's so, so, so freeing, and has provided me with insights that seem like a complete Gift from the Universe.

It's all happening to shift me (all of Us) into our greater purpose, mission, and Self.

It's actually quite remarkable, as even though I've been doing the work, growing, and shifting, reflecting back on it now, I was / am being called to go deeper. Even back in 2012, when things all came to a head, nothing drew me into my sacred and spiritual practice like this past year did. It was wild, and a gift wrapped in a nice bow which at first I didn’t want - because if I knew what was inside it (old trauma, pain, imbalance, shadow work, etc…) would I open it? This is how the Universe gets us. We can’t see the gift or the nudge because we’re so deep “in it”, but as we start to climb out we see it was actually all for the better, and indeed a beautiful gift.

it's super scary to look deeply within, detach ourselves from labels, comforts, and beliefs, and to evolve into our Authentic Self. It's a different journey for us all, we're all learning at a different pace, so just trust that you're exactly where you're meant to be. 

At the beginning of May I started to feel some extremely random / unsettling symptoms  (to me anyways) - and since my long, long healing journey through imbalance has lead me up and down mountains and through valleys I'm usually pretty good with navigating symptoms, as I've developed a really strong and willed mindset, these caught me off guard though and illicited unresolved emotions, fears, deeper things I must uproot and shadows.

 It's taken me over a decade to navigate my mind, heal it on many different levels (it's still daily work! Life work really!), and continue to nurture it day in, and day out, as I firmly believe to heal the whole Self, we must tackle, refine, nurture, shift, grow, re-program and evolve our Mindset above all us. If you ever, ever, ever doubt the power of the Mind, start to rabbit hole into the world of Placebo studies, its effects, spontaneous remissions, and you won't doubt it from this day forward.

Our mind is ever powerful, so if we're to heal anything, we start with Mindset. 

Going back to early May, for some reason things hit a little harder than excepted, it actually caught me completely off guard, and came out of nowhere.  For the whole week I didn't feel like myself, I felt flat, I had physical pains, sensations, prickly feelings, vertigo, and just a general sense of "What the heck?", the thing is I knew all these symptoms, as I've had them before. Again, looking back  I had some deeper lessons to learn, integrate and embody if I'm to carry out my souls purpose. 

Upon deep, deep, reflection it really didn't come out of nowhere, as I believe the Universe is constantly speaking to us, giving us lessons, tests, and is helping us navigate it all. 

Every physical sensation, symptom was getting me to wake up, was calling my attention, and was saying you're strong enough now, we need you to deepen this mind- body connection so you can evolve even more into your higher Self - We need you to tap deeper into your energetic gifts, to strengthen them. By gifts - I mean the gifts we’ve all been uniquely bestowed to help us fulfill our purpose here on earth, our soul’s purpose. We all have them, I repeat we all have them, we’ve just been taught to not tap into them. This gives us more power, and as a society (Government / Programming) when we are powerful, we are a threat to the norm / status quo. We start shifting, awakening to our consciousness, questioning, not accepting, pushing the boundaries, etc…

This might sound completely woo-woo or off the charts, but it's what I firmly believe as we all have a different purpose and calling here on earth, and I truly without a doubt believe I'm here to help heal others on their journey. By that I don't mean " I am thee healer", but from the essence of I'm here to guide you, others, to tap into their own innate healing powers. The thing is, and something I will continue believe until the end of time, We all have the ability to heal... it's our birth right. Now I can't pretend to know or explain the tragedy that does take place on our beautiful planet, I will never understand that, but my deep essence always speaks the message that We Can Heal.

Things don't happen to Us, they happen for Us.

Although when things start to manifest physically our initial reaction is to reach for the external, blame ourselves, think how it happened, play the victim, externalize everything, think / believe we caused it, step into fear, worry (I know this all too well as I'm a natural worry wort - and upon my "diagnosis" in 2012 after feeling Un-well for 6 years I was a full-blown hypochondriac - full blown), all the Why's,  questions, and down the spiral we go.... The way my body was eliciting symptoms started me down this spiral to be totally honest. And what label did I latch on to right away Lyme Disease. Ah, Yes, that old friend. We've been through many, many, many times together, and I've been through the ringer with every symptom under the Sun - for real.

But this time I was being called to look at it differently, it was / is safe to sink into the label of "this is lyme disease symptoms" because it's familiar and known. When in essence I was being called to look at the strength of my mind-body connection, and if to 1000% fully heal (they say one can't, I simply choose to Not believe it for a second - it's not the easy route, but it's the one I've chosen), this is what I must strengthen, grow, and evolve.

The physical tools are just extra!

When you think you've done heaps of work, the Universe laughs and says, you want "this", you've got to dig deeper, heal deeper, and break free  more freely. People still ask me if I've healed, and I continue to say - I choose to not believe I have any disease, yes I still have some work to do, but I'm not "sick", as I know the body heals on every single level. All this is telling me, is that I've got more work to do! Before I embodied this - bring it on attitude, and shifted my whole perspective... I allowed the big "F" to creep in.. which is so, so, so natural. 


Now I'm going to save Fear for another post, as through this past month I've had huge awakenings and downloads with regards to Fear, and I'm actually embracing it like never before. We can actually use fear to cure us, once we embrace it, as it's not going anywhere.  Which in the past I was still living in a lot of Fear - and this is my chance to f i n a l l y get a hold of it. Not to push it away, but to love Fear. It's crazy to say, but my love of Fear grows stronger every day! 

We can get diagnosed by a doctor, a test or a person in a lab coat -  but when given that diagnosis - Who is saying that you have it? And why does it need a name? Where did the name come from? Does the diagnosis have more power over you or vice versa? When I see any sort of illness, dis-ease, or symptom I've come to really see the Whole person, and simply see that there is a imbalance there.

It doesn't have to be some letters strung together to label a certain set of symptoms - It simply means we've shifted out of balance - and to heal we have to shift back in balance. 

It’s about reclaiming our power, and our energy back in. It’s not an external journey, it’s an internal one.

 The balance I see is addressing any sort of Dis-ease with the full mind, body, emotional, soul, spiritual approach. It takes all of these to heal the whole. While absolutely we can target the body, feed it all the healthy things, maybe incorporate some meditation, and relaxation techniques to help us, but I believe if we don't re-wire, uncover, find the core beliefs / behaviours, we won't ever fully heal the root cause. This is where I see Mind- Body healing to be the most powerful, and why I practice it with my own clients so intensely. It takes more work, but I believe it's worth every single second. 

Seems simple? It is, and it isn't.

It is because that's that truth, no label or diagnosis defines You. None. When we latch on to a label, or diagnosis we're reinforcing our own set of symptoms and disease.. I have "this", I'm sick with "this", I'm a "blank" survivor... We associate ourselves with a label because it keeps us safe, secure and gives us comfort. Instead of, my body is speaking to me in a really deep way, I'm out of balance, but I know what's out of balance can go back into balance.  It's because we've been conditioned since birth to latch onto labels, sickness, definitions of self, and names because it's what we know. If you start delving into some of these new diseases names you would be shocked! It's as if there are new names popping up everyday to simply put a name to a set of symptoms.

When what's really going on is the body needing deeper healing to simply get in Balance. I see a symptom-ed body as simply a body that needs Love, Growth, Stepping outside the comfort zone, Addressing old wounds, Triggers of Unhappiness, Lack of community, Self-Worth work, Healing trauma, Finding your soul’s purpose, Getting our of the sympathetic nervous system & into the parasympathetic, Healing relationships, etc... 

My symptoms were speaking to me on a much deeper level - and they were saying look deeper for answers. For me this usually shows up as a mind - body connection that needs to be nurtured / healed, Shadow work I haven't integrated, Fear based thoughts, sitting in status quo, and a spiritual practice that is just so-so. My past healing has been so focused on the physical, and while I dabble, and integrate mind-body practices, and am constantly working on my spiritual practice, this time around the Universe is calling me to strengthen my beliefs, let go of anything that isn't serving me - as 100% I'm still holding on to past traumas (i.e which is why these symptoms started flaring!).

I was sitting in SPIRITUAL STATUS QUO,  and it's as if the Universe was saying...


"Lisa, you're doing great, you've done A LOT of work, but we need you to grow more Here, so you can help elevate your clients even More, look at it like a Spiritual Upgrade"...

 It's as if my prayers / manifesting / calls were heard, just not in the way I thought.

Have you guys ever experienced this? I've been asking for a deeper reveal of my gifts (not in a ego way, but in a refinement way.) because we all have gifts, we truly do, they have just been clouded, shrouded, shamed, buried deep within heavy societal, parental,  and self conditioning. 

It's also easier to attach ourselves to a label, a way of being, doing, level of comfort and in some cases a victim mentality. We stay safe in those realms - I have this, so I can't do that, I'm "sick", so instead of co-creating with the Universe + Self, we believe that things are happening to us, and not for us. We don't see the light in it, the lessons, and opportunities and the expansion into our Self. When in reality it's full of endless opportunities, and the most amazing lessons. 

What if you were to start to look at whatever you've been diagnosed with, symptoms you're having, feelings of dis-ease, illness or if you're just stuck in a stagnant spot, and feel hopeless with where you are, with an outlook of a lesson - that any of the above things is here to evolve you, grow you, and get you closer to your soul's purpose.

I believe dis-ease evolves when we're not aligned with our soul's purpose, or if we're on the pathway, but the Universe wants to speed things up a bit.

What if there was a dis-attachment from a defined set of symptoms prescribed to you by a doctor, lab test, logistical mind? Because the truth is that God / The Universe / Source, whatever wording you connect with, is simply Love, and is greater than any test, diagnosis, symptom. What if we saw challenges as opportunities and teachers, and simply as guides to lead us to Good, not the opposite? 

Again, I really want to re-iterate that labels, aren't bad, it's just what we do with them, and how they serve / do not serve us. And it's OK to be where you are, with your label, and in your comfort. We can only grow in so far as we're ready.

When a physical manifestation does arise though, it's the Universe / Source calling us to switch things up, look deeper within, and heal on a mind - body - soul level. Maybe you've been doing ALL the physical things, and are overwhelmed with it all, and you're noticing shifts, healing, but things are still off-balance. Well, this is where we're being asked to go deeper, and look at things we're not addressing, old pains, patterns, beliefs, old traumas, old pain (our body stores energy / trauma in our bodies), the need to evolve, the Universe is calling you for something deeper, and wants to align you with your soul purpose. 

As you can see it was a more intense / wilder 2018, and many shifts have come up, heaps of realizations, new awakenings, new tools for how I'm nourishing myself - in all the ways, not just physical.

How do we get rid of these labels? This is where your journey starts. First we have to become self-aware of what our labels are. What are we attaching to? Where are you needing to shift - but are too scared to do so? What keeps us safe? Who keeps us safe? Are we going through the motions? Do we know or believe in our Soul's Purpose? 



1. Are you happy? On a deep soulful level 

2. Do you feel like you're living out your soul's purpose?

3. Are you attaching onto a label because it's safe, comfortable, known? IF SO, make a list of all of your Labels you've given yourself, or others have given you

4. Do you find yourself defining yourself by them? Do they dictate what you do / how you eat / who you are?

5. Are you ready to do the work to de-tach from these? Again, meet yourself where you are. None of this is meant for you to feel guilt or shame, although those feelings might arise. Trust, and know that if you're reading these / answering these questions you're exactly where you're meant to be. 



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