Tis’ the season for going inward…Lots of cozy nights in spent cuddling, making comforting yet nourishing dinners ( I love simple soups + salads), watching movies and documentaries, hosting small and intimate dinner parties over candlelight and going deeper within Yourself to radiate, heal, grow, evolve, and expand your Self, purpose, and dream. It’s all within Us, but we have to take the action to step forth, and do it.

Since 2019 is the year of the 3, it means taking action (and also achievement) as we can no longer sit back and watch our dreams, health, life pass us by… we must take a step in A direction to alter this as nothing happens without it. So as we go into this new year, new season, and wildly prosperous year ahead here are some things that will help with your inwardness, growth, and healing…

No matter what I always have a journal on the go - I’m always writing things down, I take notes with clients, I write manifestation lists, goals, during meetings ( I don’t have a employee yet (intention for 19’) but my Husband and I have bi-weekly LBL meetings), and really just anything. I’ve tried I few, but I always come back to this brand, and this classic journal

Can you picture yourself in your comfiest and dreamiest knit this season? I can, and this just seems like perfection with a pair of vintage Levi’s

The Honey Mud is insane… like out of this world! One of my favourite products to date - it’s always a staple and one to keep on hand as a mask / cleanser all in one magical potion

My husband got me hooked on nice pens, this one is my favourite!

Candles are a must anytime, but specifically as Winter sets in… I’ve yet to try this brand, but it’s on my list as it honestly just calls to me in many ways. The scent, their story, branding … all of it

We just got these chairs for our dinner table as two of our other chairs broke! Sleek design, insanely comfortable and wildly affordable - We sat on them this past weekend, put in our order and they should be here in 2 weeks

I’m setting the intention to try some new dishes this year as I’m such a simple + basic eater - I love whole foods so, so, so much, but quite honestly don’t get too creative in the kitchen and own maybe one cookbook. I love the women behind CAP BEAUTY and their essence, energy + work is both captivating, yet grounding. I’m excited to dig in and try this book

CBD is everywhere now, but for good reason as it wouldn’t be if it wasn’t good. I always love dropping things in my smoothies or making little adaptogenic potions. I envision this blended into a matcha latte with homemade nut mylk, a little vanilla, coconut oil + some medicinal mushrooms - the perfect winter warmer

A good reminder as we flow into the New Year…

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