I’m sure every single one of you have heard about “intuitive eating” it’s either been whispered to you by professionals, holistic healing practitioners, gurus, healers, books, podcasts, websites, the media, friends, loved ones, doctors, you name it… but what does it even mean to You?

It’s one of those things that even as a practitioner who works mainly with women, the phrase can get thrown around quite loosely as most come to me intuitive eating (“IE'“), yet are still not feeling their best, are symptomatic mind / body / soul, confused, overwhelmed, and deep, deep down they are not connecting to what they are putting in their energetic field and body. (hint - we are more than just a body, as crazy as this might sound at first! We have a body, we aren’t the body).

I will always approach the usage of the word Intuitive Eating with a little bit of caution, as I believe it’s gotten a bad rap, and often end up using “conscious eating” (CE) or simply “deep healing eating” (DHE), because at the end of the day it’s about aligning your intake of cellular nutrients into your body via all of your systems, that are attuned to your needs, lifestyle, cells, biological makeup, structure, hormones, and energetic bodies. It doesn’t even have to be labeled, but it’s sometimes easier to wrap our heads around something that is “defined”, as the undefined gives us the creeps as it’s so unknown, scary, and outside our zone of comfort. And as creatures of comfort, we like everything to be defined for us… it’s why the exploration of Self can seem so daunting…it takes peeling away the onion layers of the defined, what’s been defined before us, and laying down new definitions for our we see ourselves, and how we want to truly live our life and express out innate gifts with the world (i.e. your life purpose).

There has been so much literature about intuitive eating, yet with something so instinctual should it be this difficult? It’s why I believe to find what works for Us we have to look a little deeper, while dropping the labels, judgement, comparison, resistance to it. Or else we will always be left questioning if the food we are eating is working for Us. Even if it’s the healthiest food on the planet - we can still question if it’s right or if it’s what we should be eating. ( I know I’ve been there too many times to count…eating pristine, yet still pondering its effectiveness)

First of all this changes all of the time because we are ever evolving beings on the highest of levels. We change every few days (biologically) and women with their hormones / menstrual cycles only have 2 “Balanced” days when the hormones aren’t fluctuating, therefore it’s important to operate from this energy and stance, we cycle through so many states and energies that we can’t expect ourselves to be needing and wanting the same foods all the time, even when they are healthy. I believe we can house a foundational style of eating or beliefs about the food we eat (i.e organic - no matter what shifts happen my way on the dietary front as I grow and evolve, eating organic will forever be one of my biggest of values when it comes to food) but with any style of IE we have to allow for flow, tuning inwards, and realizing that there is no one perfect diet or style of eating.

Even within V specific ways of eating, if we don’t take our own bio-rhythms and energy into account, we often end up eating for others, instead of for ourselves.

I also believe that it is so difficult because we’re constantly being fed (i.e programmed hard) what is the right way of eating. We see someone on social media eating “X” way with glowing skin, and curing themselves of symptoms, we try it, don’t feel our best, but stick it out for promised results, yet on a deeper energetic and soul level something doesn’t feel quite right, or it’s actually causing our symptoms to gain in energy, even when the diet or lifestyle of eating is uber healthy! This forever shows our unique cellular make-up, and while there are similarities within the human species, we truly must tune in to tap out, and therefore do the deeper work to discover what’s the most healing for us.

This might seem overwhelming at first, but it’s because we’ve been marketed programs, not innate inner healings to tap us in. Everything from the outside has told us this, that, and the other is the right way, therefore we get overwhelmed when work is presented before us to go deeper. Society has programmed us to disconnect from our intuition, as when we’re connected to it - we’re more powerful to all of our gifts - which is then a threat to greater society. It’s wildly twisted, but sadly the truth, therefore we have to work a little harder to move past these conditioned states. To dig into our soul essence, and come out with what’s right for us, not what someone else has told us. (p/s it’s why I don’t do meal plans for my clients - it’s the most un-attune thing to do - to tell someone what to eat / when - I can offer guidelines, but the deepest of healings is found when you tap someone IN, not out)

Most often my clients come to me in my practice with their hands up in the air saying “ I don’t even know what to eat anymore?”, which I followed for a very long time on my own personal healing journey of healing all the systems. Which is wild if you think of it as we have all of the information we’ve ever wanted at the tip of our fingers. There are millions of health books out there, yet why are we the most Un-well we’ve ever been?

Don’t get my wrong - I’ve been in my clients shoes M A N Y times over, in very extreme cases and settings, as my stakes were so high due to my health being so low. I’ve tried all the diets, every last one of them, except for being a breathatarian (they live off of breath + sunlight and as natural as that seems, to my it just seems devoid of joy as not even being able to eat greens, no thank you, although 0 judgement to breathies - it’s intense). If I’ve learned anything on this now 13 year journey, it’s that I don’t do well on extremes, I absolutely have Foundationals that I know make me feel my optimal Self, but being too strict takes joy away from me.

For fun, let’s dig into some labels to showcase - but what’s super important here is that to really get to a more intuitive way of nourishing, and flowing with the rhythms of nature and ourselves, it’s super important to let go of labels, as labels only possess a set of programs.

To name a few: I’ve done all the fasting (water fasting, intermittent, juice fasts), paleo, keto, strict vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, raw, raw vegan, macrobiotic, plant-based, 80/ 10/ 10, fruitarian…

All this did was lead me down a pathway of confusion, intense trial and error, obsession, strict / rigid eating styles, isolation, and just a general sense of unease. Even though I believe that each season, and style of eating served me on my journey, therefore there is a single ounce of regret, and upon deep reflection it was part of my journey as I was meant to do the work to speak empathetically + authentically to my clients / my greater community, it still wasn’t what my soul wanted.

The biggest key for me was when I started to dig deeper into energy medicine, our energetic and subtle bodies, and the quantum field that exists around Us, and it’s what I teach in my practice, and how I believe tapping into what our body wants to be the most impactful in finding our way in what works for us. And not just tapping in but realizing that the energy that exists outside of ourselves olds infinite possibility of what is, and could be. So once we’re able to step into this power, the less focus we have on our physical body (which often always leads to obsession, fear, compulsion, ego), and the more we can tap into our energy, and the innate energy all around us, which then leads us to letting go of the conscious need to find the best way of eating ( we often seek too hard, and come up more confused than before)…and command our energy to tune in on a deeper and more integrated level. The one that only we know exists within us. I can’t tell my clients what this is, as it’s different for all of us, but I can 1000% guide them there.

The thing is if we’re constantly focused On the body and it’s physical nature we lose sight that it’s actually the mind that controls the body and not the other way around.

We get so over, hyper, consumed with these thoughts ON our body, which often houses subconscious beliefs of what’s right or wrong for us. So it’s imperative to start with the Mind, which will lead us to the deeper conscious way of eating that we all desire. I know this is what’s worked for me, it’s how I work with my clients, as whether we know it or not we’re operating from our subconscious ( 95% of the time) which is running the show, instead of us owning our power, choice, and sinking deeper into our truth.

There are many more foundationals to sink into here, but it’s also going to be unique to your Self, essence, lifestyle, childhood, and the like, but to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, we have to go a little deeper.

Something doesn’t have to be right or proven for it to work for Us, as intuition is really a state of “without reason” we are then being asked to own our power to heal, live, succeed, and love the way we want to. Intuition is a knowing…and because we all have a different knowing, it won’t look the same for any of us. We can let this overwhelm us, or we can use to to our advantage to command our energy back IN.


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