This shirt, this outfit, this brand! Have really been loving their styling as of late… They are using “older” models, and are not photoshopping anything - so refreshing to see this

This tool looks scary, but if we work out our bodies, our skin needs a little stimulation at times as well

Winter calls for all the broths, all the broths - this recipe is so, so, so simple yet healing

Pure energy + rose oil - one of my favourite skin tools (rose water) ever, simple yet effective

I don’t wear pajamas ( sleep naked club forever!), but I’m manifesting these bad boys, as they are just so, so good and will be perfect for lounging around, or when on holiday - as is everything from this brand, and store. I’m so in love with it all!

February must have item

Spotted this book, and am so intrigued - putting it on my list!

A classic favourite, that’s both pure and effective

Mind control in the BEST way possible

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