So I always feel the pressure to right a “big and epic” post. If I don’t pour everything into it , then people won’t read it, think I’m not giving them enough value, tune out, or not want to be in my energy field. Crazy I know, but I’m all about value, helping, and holding space for others. With every instagram post that I write, or anything that I do, I’m always thinking how can I be of service, how can I bring meaning to this, how can I post more than just a photo w/ a caption, etc… etc…So when I don’t know what to write, or don’t feel like I have a big post to write I feel bad… again crazy, but true. I feel like I’m letting others down, I feel like I’m letting You down.

So today I’m letting go of that, opening up that shadow to you, and working with it, instead of against it. When I started to feel this way, I decided to not post / write a post, but then something drew me in, something outside of myself, so here I am.

Todays post has no rhyme or reason, it’s just a flow of updates, thoughts, musings, favourite things… Because at the end of the day, my integrity, the truth, and real and honest conversations are what light me up, no matter how I feel about what it looks like, or if it makes sense, or if I think it has value or not.

Hello shadow, I see you, and I’m loving you / instead of feeling pressure to output in a inauthentic way.

I’ve known from a very, very young age that my purpose is in helping, I’ve wanted to help others in whatever way I could for as long as I can remember. It started out from wanting to be a Doctor, then a Vet, then a Teacher, Social Work (Which I studied in South Africa), and to where I am today, which happened by the most round about way. No way did I ever think my deepest, darkest, most pain ridden moments would lead me to what I’m doing today! So this energy lies deep within my veins, and part of my soul / spiritual journey is to be able to channel it differently, open up to new gifts, and allow more flow into it…Even when I went through my whole crazy long journey of healing years, and years ago it was so rooted in the physical, and then 2018 hit, and it opened me up to a whole new dimension. A spiritual / soulful side of me that I can no longer not harness, channel, lean in to, and surrender…

Okay all of this to say, here are some of the things that are going within, and around my body, mind, and soul these days //

1. First point of business, I’m about to embark on another parasite cleanse this Spring / Next month - if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can read all about the beginnings here. Let me tell you that this has been a journey to say the least. I honestly had no idea these where within me, but it’s been the most awakening / yet painful process at the same time. Although I’m quite the open book on here, and on instagram, we can never forget that these platforms only highlight at most 5% of someones life! Which is a good thing, we shouldn’t / want to know everything about everyone. Life is but a journey for all of us, and at the end of the day no one has it all figured out. I delight when I listen to Oprah, and she’s still on the journey as well, and she’s Oprah. I mean if we all did, how boring would that be. I’m not going to dig too deep into here, as it doesn’t feel right - right now, but I felt like I wanted to share, as there isn’t anything to hide. At first I felt a little bit of shame for it (especially last year!!!), but then I read this and let go of it… as again it’s my shadow side rearing it’s head, and through all that I’ve learned, we must embrace the shadow, love it, and integrate it. Anything out side of that pushes us into a falsehood / negative energy field.

“ It is helpful to have the willingness to accept whatever is being expressed on the physical level, to look within our own consciousness to see what is being brought to our attention, and to see that whatever is occurring in our life is happening in order to come up to be healed.

Instead of being ashamed that we are a “healer”, spiritual seeker w/ some sort of physical imbalance, we instead become THANKFUL and say, “AHA! Something is coming up to be healed”. We want that capacity to bring up the various things to be healed; thus, it is a sign of progress, not of falling back. We can be happy that we have a chance to heal these things that, paradoxically, are actually brought up by major or rapid spiritual progress. Most of the great mystics of history had records of many physical illnesses / things that they had to heal”

All of that to simply say + affirm, this is good - not bad, and the more we view whatever is going on in our lives as a gift, and an opportunity to shift our vibration, the easier any journey shall be! I’m actually excited, as I know so much goodness awaits on this journey, even though it won’t be 100% comfortable, nothing ever is, and really goodness lies outside of our comfort. So bring it on!

Further I’m a MASSIVE believer in that fact that everyones body is so unique, and different! So we must tune in and see what’s calling to Us, and what’s the best course of action to go in the moment. I don’t have to do a cleanse / shift per say, but I want to, and am being guided to, so I am. There are many other routes I can go, but this feels right.

If I’ve learned anything these past 13 years, it’s that the Universe / God is pure love and only wants the highest and most loving outcome for Us. So we must trust, and surrender in our journey.

As I did before, I’m viewing this as an upgrade. A deeper awakening, as it’s calling me to seek answers, deepen my healing knowledge, discover new things, and hold space for others in a high vibration - as it’s through connection that we are able to heal deeper!

It’s not a coincidence that I’ve just recently started my podcast these past few weeks, and will be launching my first program + have a workshop in the works! So while I do a little bit of a deeper cleanse, I’m also awakening to new things, and holding space for whatever + whoever is meant to flow in.

2. Speaking of the podcast! I’m so, so, so excited it’s launched. Have you guys had a chance to listen to it yet?

It’s been swirling around my consciousness for a year now, and while it wasn’t that hard to put together, it was all resistance that was staring me in the eye. Nothing but resistance, which I know must just be pushed past. Resistance will keep us safe, small, insecure, and feeling unworthy as we will always tell ourselves (Or the ego will) we aren’t ready, everyone else is already doing it, how can “I” put myself out there like that, yadda yadda yadda - insert anything negative / dark it will feed into you to keep you from stepping onto your pathway of purpose.

So question: Where is one area of your life where you are staying “smaller” for fear of being ______ ?(seen, exposed, raw, vulnerable, etc…)

Can you take a single step in the direction you want to go. And I mean the smallest of steps! Send a email, connect with someone new, try a new vegetable, post something from your heart - instead of what you think others want to see + hear….NOTHING is more magnetic and powerful than your authenticity.

3. I cannot stop eating dried mulberries - My gut is saying it’s their Vitamin C foundation, as a Vit C right body is so, so, so important for all of Us, but especially when wanting to rid the physical body of “things”. ( Healing to me encompasses: Body, Mind, Spirit - But I do believe it’s important to support the bod via nutrition, herbs, lifestyle, hydration, hydrotherapy, etc)… While focusing our attention on the Mind, as the body holds whatever is in the Mind - sometimes hard to wrap our heads around, but on a physiological, scientific, psychics level, it’s true.

4. I’ve gotten a download to dig into “ A Course in Miracles “ - Not an easy read, but it’s been coming up for me over, and over again - especially this past week! Which lends me to the notion that there is something in there for me… and is part of my journey… TBC…

5. A big theme I’ve seen in my clients / practice is the feeling of “lack of purpose” - Souls not feeling like they know what they are here to do, why, and who they are.

A) We don’t have to have it all figured out

B) Compassion and Love for yourself will be your greatest allies

C) Dig into silence, see if you hear anything… When we are constantly “doing” we can’t hear, we must “Be” to discover, seek, open up, get raw, real, feel pain, etc… It’s not “easy”, it’s supppppper uncomfortable, but I promise you it’s worth it. It’s worth it all!

I felt I wanted to share that, as if it keeps on coming up in my immediate radius, I’m sure you guys on some level are feeling it to. If you know your deeper purpose - What a beautiful gift - You must use it as a source to guide / uplift others as we are all in this together. If not, there is ZERO pressure.

6. Speaking of my practice! I’ve gotten more inquiries since releasing the podcast on what I do / how to work with me. I’ve created a new page that I feel is more straight forward, simple, and easy to follow!

TBH it’s often hard to put into words that space I hold for my clients in my practice as I’m not 100% clear on a title - My clients often say I’m part psychologist / therapist / healer / guide… Not sure what to call myself, but a Deep Healing Practitioner feels right, right now! So I’m going with it. I use your own innate healing capabilities to tap you deeper into Yourself - via practices, herbs, tools, homework, support, accountability, healing techniques to sink you deeper and get to the core / or simply help you in the here & now if you’re not ready to go deeper! I’m guided by you, and your energy, as at the end of the day - EVERYTHING is energy. You can always e-mail here to chat more!

7. Also being guided to Flower Essences and the study of them - How I can add them as a tool for my clients, and just a deeper dive into vibrational medicine as a whole! I’m so excited, as I feel so connected to energy on so many levels. Deeply. And TBH if 2018 didn’t unfold that way that it did, I know for a fact I wouldn’t have been guided to my new sense of openness - seeking - spirituality - kundalini - vibrational medicine - more mind / body, etc… etc… The Sun is always there, even if it’s cloudy some days. It never leaves us, ever. It’s in the cloudy times that we paradoxically are able to see the most, even when it feels murky. It’s all guiding you to your highest, most authentic and radiant Self. Trust.

WOW, guys. So I was going to make this a small little update, and it turned into quite the lengthy post. But it’s all about going with the flow, and letting go of expectations, so this post came out the exact way it was meant to.

Constantly learning to let go, let go, let go… Surrender, and embrace.

I hope you’re having a wonderful week, and start to the year. I’m truly grateful for all of you.

Lisa x

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