Something that has been coming up a lot is the “noise” in the health & wellness industry. By noise I mean everyone stating their truth, what’s the hot topic, the many forms of healing ( there is no one way ), and dogma re: what’s best - what’s worst and their reasoning behind it. None of that or this is bad, as any can only speak from their own truth, but I know what it feels like to be on the other side of it. I just feel like there is so much negativity surrounding it all. Don’t get me wrong, we live on a polarity planet so there will always be the energy of the opposing side, force, and energy, but what if we shifted out perspective, foundation, and energy to one of Love?

Not in A “one love” or “spiritual bypass “ SORT OF WAY, but in a deep foundational knowing that Love is the vibration that supercedes them all. So why not? When we infuse the energy of love into * anything * it shifts, not for the worse, but for the better.

So could a lot (if not most things) be shifted by and through Love? (not romantic love, but LOVE - the true essence and nature of our being)


I believe the energy of love can heal. But what I’ve witnessed in so many healing journeys is that we find comfort in being in a victim, and comfort in associating with a specific group / label / diagnosis / illness / way of being, that we lose touch with our own Self, and Soul. (Not saying you shouldn’t, or that it’s bad), just opening the door to a new way of thinking… It’s up to you if you want to walk through it or not.

For so long I was searching for the “One way” - the “Miracle Diet” - “The Best Supplements” etc… etc… and while I delve deeper into my own healing journey (One which never really stops - as we never stop growing & evolving) as it flows through different seasons, times, and energies. I have my Foundations, absolutely, but nothing is absolute.

I’ve gone in and out of every “style” of eating, I’ve rotated so many supps, herbs, tinctures, tonics, elixirs, modalities, practitioners, insert the scroll list here. All of it has been wonderful, as I firmly believe it’s given me the tools, and the ability to do what I do, and hold the space that I’m meant to hold for my clients. It’s also put me in a place where I’m able to tap into what’s right for me in the moment. For example - since the New Year my body has not wanted meat - none of it. It doesn’t matter the quality, how wild it is, what it possesses within, why it’s the way to eat, etc… My body has been repelled with it, that, and coffee. So I’m going with it! With the flow of it…and instead of viewing it as restrictive, I’m allowing my body to ride the wave for however long it wants to. Will I ever have the two again? I’m sure of it - but I also might not.

This is the space we must hold for * intuition * and deep trust…

But I can’t help but feel that there is more information than ever, yet we’re the most confused, overwhelmed, uncertain, fearful, unhappy, anxious, unfulfilled than ever before. Mental Health has skyrocketed, and autoimmune is through the roof… This isn’t a blanket statement, but a deeper knowing / feeling that the conscious collective is shifting. More, and more people are awakening, and delving deeper, but so many people are UNwell.

So where does that leave Us? It’s a lot to delve into, in a post - and I actually just recorded a podcast on what my views / thoughts are on Deep Healing, and what that even means so that might also shed some light on this * bigger * and deeper topic, as the noise isn’t going anywhere! Long live the ad world, marketing, and being sold an idea. This is part of the polarity planet. This can also be so, so, so beneficial for Us, in so many ways, but we must tune in to navigate it all, and tune into what’s right for Us, and work on re-programming what’s not working for us, and get real, raw, and honest.

This is the time to command our energy!

What is the noise that filters through to your Mind?

Where do your thoughts lead You?

Is this serving me or not serving me?

Why am I consuming this?

Do you believe everything you read? (Consciously you can say No, but often times it goes to your Subconscious and gets stuck there / creates a block)

Are they empowering or fear mongering?

Do you question everything you put in your body?

Are you living within a program / label / diagnosis because it feels safer than letting it go?

Are you overwhelmed right now?

things that we have to ask ourselves as we filter things in. as everything we hear, read, listen to programs us in some way or another!

A good place to start is taking a 3 Day Detox off of ALL social media. Like delete the apps from your phone, and command your energy, and power to not engage. Does this sound scary for you? Good, it means it can be part of your medicine, and is probably signalling that it’s a good idea!

We are so connected, yet so disconnected to ourselves. So it does take more work, more time, and more energy (time / resources) in the world that we live in today to plug back into ourselves. It doesn’t have to be daunting, or big. Just starting with 5 minutes of deep breathing can lead you down the path to more clarity, less noise, and more You.


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