Have been wanting to try these guys for months now! Anyone given them a go? I love Rachel + what she does / stands for - A true beauty inside & out

THIS hoodie - cross a hoodie, and a knit & I’m sold… Obsessed with Ganni guys - help!

This brand, and company speaks to me on so many levels - the branding, bottles, font, formulations. Any anyone who knows me, knows I love fragrance, but will only wear natural - I’ve given up all synthetic everything (perfume was a hard one for me to let go of!), but my glands / hormones are much more important than my “scent” :) I’ve been wanting to try this since the release, so it’s on my list

The creator of this skincare line is on my podcast “dream” guest list, along with many others! Her formulations, ingredients + belief system is next level… who doesn’t need a V GOOD lip balm for those dry / windy days - all year along?

I still don’t have a diffuser which is W I L D to me as I’m a scent queen, love essential oils, and relish in beautiful / natural whaffs of air streaming through my house… this month a diffuser will be purchased, this is my top pick

Ella posted about these hoops a few days ago, and I had to check them out! Super impressed, and love the gradient shape to them… Once my current ones bite the dust, this will be next on my list (A good gold hoop is classic + worth the extra $$ spent)

Manuka honey will forever be a love of mine as it’s seen my through this past decade. I’ve used it for my skin, my health, wounds, immunity… everything. I have yet to try this brand, but it speaks to me on all the levels

GINGER ! One of my favourite herbs right now, I’m dropping it into ginger tea to up it’s potency, and not a day goes by without it, especially since we’re still in Winter (Although Spring is coming guys! Soon!)

I love this EH quote and have kept on coming back to it this week - it’s so, so, so true - WE just have to take action… not ever expecting anything in return. Unconditional love will always lead the way… No one owes us anything

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