Guys, a shift in season is coming and I could not be more excited. Don’t get me wrong - I love and embrace all seasons, but there will forever been an eternal magic that comes with Spring, especially here in the Northern hemisphere - as so many things “die off” to then re-bloom and re-birth even better than before… Which is the energy of this season.

We often see valleys, darkness, shadows as “bad” and as things to avoid, but I say HELLLLO - welcome them, they will forever be our teachers + healers. It’s why winter is such an inward season, and a period of great growth. It’s a time to go in, reflect, and rest. So we can re-birth new energies, projects ( see below!), relationships, etc.. etc… it’s a season of renewal.

Even though there is still snow on the ground, I can sense an internal + external shift. We create our own realities through our consciousness / mind / thoughts and the like… so be guided into your truth knowing that you hold so much power.

Here are some of my current favourites //

Living libations is my forever love - this is a staple as I always need / have peppermint on hand, especially as the weather gets warmer. It’s also great for headaches / aches / pains as it works as a analgesic

THIS print for our bedroom - I think I’ve finally settled on what we want above us while we sleep - it’s titled “one soul” I knew it when I saw it

Spring / Summer / Wedding season is upon is which means more dresses - this number speaks to my minimalistic style, yet adds a little colour + lightness to the season

Loafers all the way this season

New brand to me, so intrigued by the company, and this scent in particular

My Tee hack - buy Men’s size small for the greatest fit ( I don’t like tight t-shirts)

The first online program is coming this Month … FOUNDATIONS - Cannot wait for you to experience the art of laying your unique FOUNDATION for going deeper + discovering your healing, radiance + authenticity

All rose water is not created equal - this stuff is the real deal