We all get the inner urge to start cleansing, cleaning and getting rid of anything that’s not serving us anymore come Spring. The weather warms, the energy lightens, and we just feel like we have more space to hold for more energetic clearing!

I take it even deeper and look into thoughts, habits, patterns, relationships as well that aren’t serving me … because it’s all connected. And because what’s within, is always reflected on the outside, it means “cleaning house” body, mind, and soul.

While those are my key focuses in the work that I do, and in my own personal life, I never negate the external, as we’re human beings on a human / physical plane, so it’s important to give it energy to it as well! So today I’m sharing my favourite cleaning tools, cleansing agents + some products to just give your home + space + aura a bit of a cleansed feeling.

When we do this on a physical level, we also do it on a metaphysical level. ( cc this episode with Paige! )

SPONGES!!! Not the most glamorous of items, but a total necessity. I love these ones from a shop down the street

Apple Cider Vinegar - The one & only ACV. I use this for everything & anything - internal + external cleansing, cleaning, disinfecting, put it in the path, stimulate hydrochloric acid, so many uses

Tea Tree Oil is another staple in my cabinet. It’s wonderful to aid to cleaning supplies, works wonder for blemishes (ALWAYS skin patch test), disinfects, is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, an all over essential oil that blesses us with its many benefits

One of my favourite brands of household cleaners, I always have something from Mrs. Meyers in our house - Whether it’s dish soap, hand soap, or cleaner, she does it all. This is their new lilac scent that I haven’t been able to get my hands on, but at the moment I have geranium hand soap, and honeysuckle cleaner which I highly recommend — Cleaning does not have to include chemicals.

These nifty little things make squeezing fresh citrus into your water super easy, sans seeds

Air quality is important, especially if you live in a big city — This one from Vitruvi always hits all my needs

Living Libations - One of my favourite skincare brands. As the sun heats up it’s important to protect our outer epidermis. While most sunscreens, even natural ones, on the market are full of “stuff”, I can and always will trust Nadine! Sunscreen isn’t for everyone, but I do enjoy a little protection especially when out for longer periods

Mother Natures gift and blessing to us All — What can’t a lemon do? They are infinitely cleansing, nutritious, healing, and sacred. Utilize it all day long, you, your home, skin, life will be better for it!

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