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It's no secret that I love skin, and all that lies beneath, so let’s dig into some “Skin talk” - It’s one of my passions, big part of my practice, and just something I’m so, so, so fascinated with as it’s our largest organ, and it’s the first thing people see. It’s also a mirror to our internal world, and I could go on & on. It goes deeper for me, because for so long I didn’t feel beautiful, and thus my quest for deeper healing began… on every level. Not just skin, but todays deep dive is our one & only Epidermis.

The thing is, I find complete joy in researching new natural products, that are not only nourishing, but effective…

But when it comes down to the Epidermis (outer most layer) which provides your skins barrier and tone, the Dermis which houses your sweat glands and hair follicles , and the Hypodermis which is made up of fat and connective tissue, it's usually the simplest of things that will lay the foundation for healthy skin until your 80, and almost everything stems from WITHIN.

Like I said above, what you see in the mirror is simply a reflection of your organ health, your lymph fluid, how "clean" your blood is, how balanced your hormones are, gut health, and your adrenals (adrenal disfunction causes accelerated aging), stress levels, happiness + fulfillment factor, etc… And while I don't believe in anti-aging, I  want to emphasize graceful aging, and stepping into ones radiant body. Which is more about an energy, and projection, that it is about physicality. Although the outcome is healthy, and radiant skin.

I've tried many, many, many products and have spent thousands of dollars trying to find what is right for my skin type, and while I don't believe we're bound by our skin type, I do believe we have to find out what works for our skin, and our skin alone. This is what I help my clients do on a daily basis, and will do into eternity, for real. I never want to retire! What I do will always grow, and evolve, but at my core is to help, and that I will never stop doing.

When I developed cystic acne, from the Lyme Disease and my hormonal imbalance, I would research products and the skin into the wee hours of the night. Due to my bodies crazy circadian rhythm, I wouldn't fall asleep until 4am, crazy to think of now, but I will continue to share, as my body was completely out of whack, and I've truly healed it from the inside out, naturally. 

All of this took such a toll on my body, mind, spirit, and that stress definitely exacerbated my skins healing abilities. So no matter what I put onto my skin, the stress, hormonal imbalance, hypothyroidism, lack of sleep, intense fear over my health + body,  and being all over distraught made everything a million times worse. I'm sure you guys know what I'm speaking about! It's a cycle that I see all the time in my practice, and I know how hard it is to break, because I've been there, multiple times. Products can, and will only do. so. much.

Even though I tailor my clients protocol, journey, products, food and lifestyle practices that work for their individual body and skin, these 'Skin 101' points will highlight some of the most basic points that will be the Foundation, for it we don't start at the most basic of levels, it will be hard to heal the rest - hormones, adrenals, digestion (where it allllll begins and ends), and connecting the body/mind so we're working with being less analytical, and seep deeper into suggestibility.

These can sometimes have the most difference in your skins appearance if truly embraced. Again, I not only believe in prevention, but aging gracefully and naturally through food, lifestyle, healing the body - from the inside out,  and nourishing our mental + emotional health (A big piece + not to be forgotten) and some products to add the cherry on top.

Without these, my skin definitely gets off track.


-NO HARSH FOAMING CLEANSERS - It doesn't matter if your skin is super oily like mine, foaming cleansers strip your skin of the essential oils that your skin needs to prevent breakouts and from completely drying out (remember: dry skin = wrinkles). Most people believe that drying out your skin will dry out acne. This is the complete opposite thing that you want to do. Be proud of your oily skin, it ages much slower than people who have drier skin types. I tell all my clients to embrace the oil. 

-EMBRACE your freckles, pale skin, and natural skin color whole heartedly - Inner confidence and happiness will make you glow far greater than any product or procedure. You can literally see happiness on someones face/skin.

-STRESS is the key to almost every. single. flare up - I know for myself that when I get even just a tiny bit stressed my skin freaks out and I can wake up with a handful of breakouts. See the bigger picture and Chill. Mitigating stress is infused into everything I do, from working with clients, to my writing here, and just everything as it embodies how a body will heal, or not. 

-INFLAMMATION is the root of all evil. Be mindful of your sugar intake (even too much fruit can cause you to break out! I experienced this first hand when I tried the 80/10/10 diet when the bulk of my diet was fruit. My skin was horrible). Up your intake of Omega 3's — Wild fish, flax and chia seeds. Other causes of inflammation: lack of sleep, alcohol, excessive sun exposure, fearful thinking, worry, stress, too many products that are wrong for your skin type, eating foods that you're sensitive to, not eating enough (your skin is the last organ to be nourished, so if you're not eating enough healthy foods you're skin will get zero of the nourishment you're intaking.

Your body has to stay alive, before it gives it to your accessory organs. I.E Your skin, hair and nails always get nourished last.

-NATURAL doesn't mean you won't react - Essential oils can be bad for some people, as can some natural oils! I've tried many natural products that actually made my skin worse and breakout very heavily. The ultimate key is finding what works for you. If I were typecast my skin it would be - sensitive, oily and breakout prone skin that needs a  little extra oomph. I always try and source organic, natural and products without parabens and sodium laurel sulphate. Always. I know what oils work for my skin, and don't. For example pure rosehip oil can work wonders for peoples skin, when it's stand alone, it makes me break out, but if it's in something it doesn't. 

There are many intricacies to skin, as we our as unique as they come.

-SPEND on supplements, organic food, skincare and concealer - Skimp on everything else! Hair care, body lotions, heaps of expensive make up, scrubs, perfume, etc.... Find some skin / body loving supplements (I tailor protocols for my clients), splurge on organic greens, find a stellar face wash / moisturizer / spf & serum and a concealer or light foundation.

Skin first, makeup second.

-WATER - Minimum 2 Liters a day - I'm sure you hear this all the time, but you will see it in your skin. I probably drink closer to 3-4 liters a day, but it's because I truly adore water to the fullest. Apart from herbal tea, my daily coffee and green juice it's all I drink, all day, everyday. Don't underestimate the power of it.

-ANTIOXIDANTS - Nourish your body with foods in their most natural state that are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and nutrients. This will make your skin glow, and help you feel altogether lighter. But don’t skip the protein…! 

-MEDITATION - At night, find a time to meditate in a quiet space for 10 minutes to bring clarity and peace to your inner self. You’ll be surprised how effectively this relieves stress, tension and anxiety. Doing this before bed will also help you fall asleep easier and more peacefully. We’ve all had those terrible nights when we can’t turn our mind off and we toss in turn in bed for hours and wake up feeling exhausted.

-SLEEP - And on the subject of sleep, make sure to get more of it! This is the time when your body heals itself, inside and out. I know we are ALL busy, with our days scheduled down to the very minute, but it is just as important (if not more important) to schedule time for resting, rejuvenating, and cleansing. My optimal is 7.5-8.5 hours. 

-GIVE BACK - Yes, this can affect your skin, essentially any and everything can effect our skin. This is really something I’m focusing on even more this year. I am going to try to give back to those I may not even know. Giving doesn’t have to be grand or glamorous, it just has to be significant and with love.

When we step outside ourselves, and nurture others, we lower our cortisol, we bring light to our life, and we pull the focus away from ourselves onto others. 

SKIN - Let's take care of it. It's our largest organ + It's the only one you will get.

To see anything reflected external, we must tune in, and do the internal work!



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