In the relationship between body, mind and spirit, it has been found that the body has no way of experiencing itself; the body is experienced in mind only. The body expresses that which is held in the mind. The mind cannot experience itself either; it has to be experienced from an even greater energy field, which is called consciousness. A human being progresses from dense linear form to an ever-expending and increasing nonlinear formlessness. One ends up with the experiencing of experience itself - that field is called awareness.

This awareness is where deep healing takes place. 

Let's dig deeper...

Mind over matter.

We've all heard it, but how much do we really believe it, how does it factor into our physical + mental healing journey, and how powerful is the mind (conscious and subconscious)? A lot to unpack here. Let me help clarify a few things, as I truly believe it's in the mind that everything begins (or ends), especially when it comes to healing. This is the Foundation of my online program, FOUNDATIONS - As if we don’t believe it — our subconscious / mind / Self will forever be getting in the way of taking any action, and healing on a deeper level.

The hierarchy goes Consciousness ---> The Mind ---> The Body.

We often think (or are lead to believe!) that our body rules everything, when actually it's third on the list. This is why when it comes to healing, and more specifically nutritionally, I can't and won't operate on just the food plane. Food is massively important in terms of nourishment, enzymes, vitamins and minerals, but none of that matters in a stressed, anxious, depressed, body.  Yes, absolutely it helps heal, but we must look deeper, as food isn't the only answers - it’s part of the Foundation, but it’s not everything…

Let's go back to the primal years, when cave women / men roamed the earth. We are built for survival, and to reproduce, and if anything compromises those two factors, our digestion is the first to shut down, because we literally need all energy diverted to our organs that are keeping us alive, such as our heart and brain. It's that feeling when you get when you get a big giant fright and all the blood rushes away from your arms + legs (gumby feeling), your heart starts to palpitate, and all of the blood literally rushes to your heart. Or when you have a fight or flight response, and the blood / energy rushes to your legs so you can run as fast as you can (i.e run away from that tiger that is chasing you).

What shuts down? Digestion - who needs to eat in time of stress/ "attack"; alternatively Reproduction - we can only bring a child into the world when we aren't operating from "survival mode". The best example of this is when a couple is having trouble conceiving, and they stress themselves out so much, for years on end. When they decide to just sit back, relax, and take a different view of getting pregnant, the woman actually gets pregnant, as the body is in a "safe state" and the body is able to hold onto the fertilized egg, an start to produce a miraculous fetus.

The thing is our bodies are operating with a 2 million year old brain. We can't and won't ever change that, SO WE MUST WORK W/ IT, NOT AGAINST IT

Back in the day stress and anxiety came from running away from large animals, and worrying  where the next meal was coming from. Today our stress comes from overloaded inboxes, unhappiness, social media, FEAR, playing small, relationships, not pursuing what we really want to do, staying in our comfort zone, worry, living some place that makes us feel unfulfilled, etc… We can insert many modern states here.

When we live in this states, it's very hard for our bodies to digest the food we're eating it. 

When we continue to operate in the sympathetic (fight or flight) and not allowing our body to kick back to the parasympathetic, we are running on overdrive, and when we look at history, our bodies were never meant to withstand this much stress, pressure, stimulation and anxiety. We intake more stimulation in a few days, than we did in an entire year, and we're only looking back 50-60 years, which isn't that long ago.

We're experiencing a stress + anxiety epidemic. Therefore our mind / body connection is critical for healing the body on a deeper, and more sustainable level. 

Again whole foods is amazing, (I don’t deny that! I still live + breathe by cellular nutrition) it's just not the only factor. 

Ultimately, all of this to say, you can be eating thee healthiest of diets, like pristine, pristine, and you might not be digesting over half (that's being generous!) of the beautiful nutrients and vitamins you're choosing to ingest.

This is frustrating, and in terms of healing takes longer to address, assess and heal, as it's very easy to just tell someone eat healthier, than it is to say we need to focus on shifting mindset, deal with stress, unblock old beliefs, and reprogram old habits.  I see it all the time in my practice, and I've experienced this first hand with my own healing journey.

When I was going through my most intense healing period with “lyme disease” (I put it in quotes as I don’t like to attach to labels), I was eating the most insane diet - organic, high nutrient density, insane amounts of greens, juices, smoothies, healthy fats, etc.. and even though I was eating this way I wasn't noticing a big difference at all. I'm certain it was keeping me at a homeostasis, but I wasn't experiencing it on a deeper and more nourishing level. I was dealing with A LOT of stress. Mostly from my health (lyme disease), finances (choosing to heal naturally is not cheap in the slightest - I went into massive debt choosing this route) and my healing journey continued for a good eight years, so finances were always a source of stress ( a understatement). I was also anxious of not being where I wanted to be, and the story goes on, and on…

So in this stressed state, with my mind being all over the place, I wasn't able to experience the deeper healing that I so wanted, desired and was ready for. 

This is when+ where I started to shift a lot of things within. This is when I started to discover the power of the mind, and this is when I really dug deep to do the inner work, to see the benefits on the outside. Whenever anyone asks me how I've healed, yes of course nutrition comes up, as the mind can't be clear / functioning optimally without proper nourishment, but I always, always, always say I've healed with a lot of mind / body healing, doing the deeper work to unravel / peel away the onion layer! There is still trauma that I continue to shed, work on, because as we grow / heal we keep on getting to new levels, so there is always more work to be done! Not in a overwhelming way, but in a beautiful + magical awakening way.

When the subconscious mind in 30,000 times more power than the conscious mind (ISN’T THIS WILD?)

We can't ignore, side sweep, or bypass the importance of healing the mind first,  along with the body. It's why I don't practice simply with food. I use food as a tool in my tool belt, but I use a lot of mind / body tools to really dig deep into the whys, hows, the past, old habits, patterns, stress, especially the why's behind the what. 

So if you've been eating uber healthy, and have gone on every single diet, and plan and haven't achieve your desired results (As I firmly believe we can do, be and have anything our heart desires - body & mind - or else we wouldn't be able to think / dream up such desires), we have to start looking deeper within.

Yes, the food is helping you get there but A) You might not be eating the right foods for you, B) You might be struggling with deeper beliefs (conscious, but most likely subconscious) that are preventing you from seeing and feeling what you so desire. This pertains to everything that has to do with your health + body - operating from a place of safety instead of fear, glowing skin, weight, tone, hair, muscles, body composition, digestion, reproduction, hormones...everything.

Often times, it's not until we unearth, unblock, and get to the root of those blockages that we start to make those shifts you so desire.

While using food + supplements to therapeutically aid, support, guide the healing of the mind. 

It's all connected. It's all holistic, and all it takes is one step in a different direction, stepping out of your comfort zone, and leaning into your healthiest, most vibrant, and authentic self. 



1. Are you aware of your mind on a daily basis or are you operating in a robotic fashion?

2. Are you eating healthy and not seeing the results you want (deep healing - internal and external)?

3. Are you able to find some peace + quiet in your day no matter how busy you are to quiet your mind?

4. Are you optimistic by nature or pessimistic (this determines the flow of healing in a major way...as cells vibrate at different frequencies)

5. Does your body give up before your mind, or vice vera?

6. Do you believe you have the power to create, do, have, live and heal within your mind?