I haven’t done one of these in months so here we go!

I’m always curating, sourcing, discovering, mood boarding, and pinning as it feeds my soul. I love doing these kinds of posts, as I love looking at them my self with other people. While I focus on deep healing, and working with intuition for healing, I believe journeys don’t have to be so heavy, hard & full of suffering. Pain is one thing, and suffering is another! This isn’t to negate anyones experiences, or journey, but it’s more empowering to see that we have a choice in our thoughts, attitudes, and how we choose to handle ANYTHING.

All of this to say, I always want to share this part of me, as it’s part of my essence and holistic whole, and I encourage you to do the same. Step into your authentic self + share your gifts. Do what lights you up, as the world needs it + You

Here are some of the things that I’ve been loving lately or that I’m manifesting…

LOVE this brand of candles, as they are both ethical / clean yet super sleek. These new scents are so lovely, will see if they are available at my local shop as I’m almost finished my current one BS candle

This tonic / super potion elixir has been my daily go to this past week. Created by my soul sister + friend, these shrooms are next level goodness

Favourite swimsuits ever, and this colour is next level beautiful + super in - line with glow deep’s vibe

Another favourite product - created by 3 sisters, for us ladies & over 40% of their profits go to women’s charities!!! Supporting small brands is crucial and is something I’m more mindful of as I get older ( wiser :) )

Even though it’s S/S you can always find me wearing + sourcing a good blazer - Love this one from one of my favourite brands

MATCHA lover 4 life , finding a good matcha isn’t always easy and the past few that I’ve tried weren’t as green as I would like them to be (they were kind of muddy - they were both organic / from Japan) while okay, I’m always looking for exceptional - CAP can do no wrong, their matcha is beautifully sourced

These hoops - classic everyday wear (On my manifestation list!)

Linen bedding for the win - Nothing feels better on my skin while I sleep…these pillow cases are divine

Haven’t tried this yet, but it’s on my list as I’m always looking for a balm that’s clean / natural with a slight tint - Will head to Detox Market soon to give it a go

You will find me in white denim all summer long… These are a dream!