Hello Summer 2019! You are mighty welcomed, and I’m just so excited to continue to expand as a human & soul, while basking in all the glory that warmer temperatures, long nights, skinny dipping, and adventure brings. I definitely still ground during these months, and flow with my practice & work, but as seasons bring new energy with them, it’s important to shake things up a bit…and shift the energy within & externally

I actually love to do deeper work during this season, as it just feels lighter, and when we let go, we can truly let go with greater ease…

On the more physical side this brings forth more cleansing foods, lots of juices, raw foods, cleansing herbs & keeping hyper hydrated! My body loves summer foods and lightening up, so I tune in, and flow with it, instead of against it

With fashion it’s all about summer whites, vintage Levi’s, jean shorts, classic shirts, dresses, and nude sandals (I love the ones above, and a good classic beige birkenstock). I’m all about simplicity, flow, neutral tones, ease and forever tapping into my radiant body

Here are some of my favourite things as we head into the first week of Summer 19’ :

I love a good classic slip so much so it’s what I wore on my wedding day - just a simple white silk slip, I felt so elegant & like myself. This black number is a true staple

OBSESSED with these chairs, have been seeing them around & finally hunted them down

All of Dr. Tungs products are stellar, and I have yet to purchase this guy, but it’s on my list of to-do’s (I do believe electric brushes are better!)

Love her work, and this vase would make the perfect office addition

New to me brand, but I’m really into this formulation, vibe & glowing nature

Listened to a podcast with Dr. Weil (He’s such a pioneer in the alternative medicine scene) and he mentioned his matcha site - really want to try his stuff as he lived in Japan when he was younger, and is such a stickler for sourcing the best matcha in the world

CLASSIC - jean shorts, leather sandals, beach-y / natural hair and you’re good to go

Another summer staple - a timeless gladiator made in France, perfection

Truth - we all have shadow, and when we embrace seeing our light is that much sweeter