Fall is just around the corner, and I’m welcoming it with open arms! Brisk breezes, sleeping with the windows open, cozy cafe dates, seeing the leaves turn, more grounding energies, root veggies, nature walks, and an overall shift of energetic forces. I simply adore the shift from summer to Fall, so instead of mourn summer, I’m embracing this shift immensely - body, mind, and soul.

Here are some of the things I’m using, or are on my list to get:

  1. Patagonia fleece ! I’ve been wanting one for years, but with an upcoming Anniversary trip to a National Park, where we will be full on camping and going off the grid, it shall make the perfection wardrobe addition to vintage Levi’s, toques and sneakers

  2. Thee gua sha tool - Britta is one of the co-founders, and this stone takes it to the next level

  3. These are in my cart, as I’am committing to no more reusable cups! I make excuses - my cup is too bulky, I forget it, etc… These fold down so it’s now just a non-negotiable

  4. My favourite colour + lip tint

  5. Sustainable + beautiful sweaters all F/W long

  6. NEW refresh, and I’m obsessed Fran ! As the temperatures cool down, the need for body oil goes up

  7. I’ve been coveting this for awhile, and this Fall the plunge will be taken as we’ve decided to renew our lease, and are in the process of just refreshing, simplifying, and honouring our home a little more

  8. Love, love, love MV and her products, have yet to try this beauty, but it’s calling my name!

  9. Patience is everything

  10. Still have some 1:1 sessions left for September! Let’s go deeeeeeep together

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