Lets get to it... What do my mornings look like?

WAKE UP - Depending on my day this can range anywhere from 5-6am, and on weekends it's more like 7-8am. What can I say, I love the morning! I wasn't always this way though. But the past few years, this as been my jam. My alarm goes off and I do not snooze! This is key, snoozing is not beneficial whatsoever, as 'snooze sleep' only makes you more sleepy. I lean over and give my partner a kiss and whisper I love you, and hope that I don't fully wake up.... he doesn't get up till around 7 :)

I go downstairs and immediately get the kettle on. I boil water, make genmaicha green tea, and 1 Liter of lemon water. I brush my hair, put Pura's Lolita drops under my eyes to start nourishing this very delicate area and I get to my movement of the day. About 4-5 times a week this is Ballet Beautiful, and the other 1-2 times is a 30-45 min skipping + resistance routine down in our building gym. This usually takes place on the weekend, and one day during the week.

I try to meditate while I work out, and really reflect on the day I want ahead of me! I find it super helpful to set an intention for the day. I LOVE to sweat, so always make sure I'm getting my heart rate up. This all makes me feel so alive! I've always been a lover of movement and exercise so it's never a struggle for me to get moving in the morning. It's an absolute joy to me!

Next is rinsing my body, my basic skincare & make up regime! By basic I mean really, really simple. I like to get ready in under 20 minutes and that includes washing up and make up. I'm bare bones and super minimal. I either wash my face with Bioderma Crealine or May Lindstroms Clean Dirt, if I want to exfoliate. I then spray a cotton pad with Rose Water (I use Heritage Store Rose Water). I then mix my Josie Maran SPF 47 w/ Odacite Black Cumin oil. I wait for it to absorb and apply RMS uncover up to the red spots on my face. I never use foundation as I like my skin to breathe. Then all I apply is a mascara, RMS Living Luminzer, a RMS lip2cheek if I'm in the mood, some cherry hurraw balm on my lips and a final spritz of rose water or Pura's Face Mist!

BREAKFAST: This can range anywhere from Oatmeal, to a smoothie, to bulletproof coffee + fruit, to a raw treat! But I alternate between oatmeal and smoothies most often.

VOILA! I love my morning ritual! This isn't how every single morning looks as weekends might be different, but at least 5 out of the 7 days look like this. I find such peace, joy and energy in having my morning routine and rituals. It sets me up for my day, and allows me to tackle anything that comes my way.

I would love to hear how you get your day started! What are your morning rituals?