DSC_0035 (me right before my bath in the raw the other night! Cheesy pic, but I'm getting used to exposing myself a bit more!)


We all have them, and I think it's a beautiful thing to create some if we don't. Winding down at the end of a full + eventful day is not only good for your soul, but for your nervous system + body. We are SO stimulated during the day, from sunrise to sunset. Commuting, colleagues, presentations, walking, jumping, sweating, music, conversations, traffic, traveling . . etc. We are human beings that are constantly being fed information and living in a modern day society. Gosh, even typing this is making me stimulated. With all of that being said. It's SO important to wind down come night fall.

I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to decompress, nourish, nurture + self love.

1. EPSOM SALT BATHS WITH COCONUT OIL + LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL + A GOOD BOOK - I pull a warm / hot bath, dump in a cup of epsom salts, splash lavender oil in there and a scoop of organic coconut oil, grab my book and sink in . . AH. It is pure bliss. It calms every part of me - body, mind and soul. You are also moisturizing at the same time. The coconut oil sinks in while you soak, and all you have to do after is towel off. I love going to bed oily!

2. MAGNESIUM - I've waxed poetic about the importance + beauty of this miracle mineral. I use the brand outline in the post above. It truly is a body + beauty elixir. It prepares you for sleep, promotes restfulness, reduces inflammation, relaxes you + slips you into a deep REM sleep, amongst a million other benefits.

3. DRY BODY BRUSHING - Stimulate the lymphatic system yo! I know a lot of people like to do this in the morning, but because I shower / bathe in the evenings I like to do it then, as it's recommended to wash off after you 'brush' because you shed A LOT of dry skin cells. This not only stimulates your lymph fluid (which you have 4 times the amount of BLOOD!), it smooths skin, reduces cellulite, alleviates dry skin + exfoliates like nothing else. It's a great ritual + habit to get into to. We are met with so many toxins everyday that this little, 5 minute delight, can help A LOT with detoxifying.

4. FACE MASKS - Specifically THIS one. I love me a little DIY mask. There are very few masks that I will pay a pretty penny for, especially when I can buy a container of high quality of Manuka honey for $30 which lasts me over a year. Add in some organic lemon + turmeric and you've got a GLOW mask like nothing else. Put this on while you begin to dry body brush, run the bath, smell the lavender seep into your senses & whisk yourself into a BLISSED out state.

5. CLEANSING RITUAL - I'm very simplistic when it comes to my skincare routine, but I'm religious in following it, especially at night! I try not to load myself with products, and everything that I use is natural. My favorite cleaners include ECCO BELLA Cleansing milk, YULI Halycon, Indie Lee Rosehip + Manuka Honey. After I'm done cleansing with warm water I splash my face with ice cold water to close the pores. I then spray with Evan Healy's Immortelle facial mist or Heritage Rose Water. Super skin secret - keep this rose water in the fridge to add an extra glow + cooling effect. And NOW moisture! I'm still on the hunt for a miracle serum : ) I truly do believe that glowing skin starts and ends from the inside out. But that doesn't mean that protecting, boosting + enhancing your epidermis is a bad thing. When you invest in good natural, organic + quality products, that is what you get OUT. Further when you are investing in a product a GOOD oil will last 8-10 months so truly you are only spending around $15 a month - when you look at it like that, it's a pretty darn good investment to me. ESPECIALLY if you live in a city where the air quality, toxins + sun can do m a j o r damage to your complexion. I don't know about you, but I want to retain a glow until I'm 90 :) So repairing + protecting + nourishing skin while you sleep is K E Y. At the moment I use Pai Rosehip Oil or my Odacite Oil or this ARCONA Gentle Solution. Once I use all of these other oils up, I will be investing in a YULI serum, as I'm obsessed with their brand, mission, ingredients + Green Beauty with no essential oils but bioactive ingredients. They are truly doing something that NO other brand is doing out there. Will post more about them soon!

This might seem like a lot, but I've collected these over a long time! BUT n o t h i n g will beat 3 Liters of water a day, daily green juices + smoothies, 8 + hours of sleep, a SMILE + happiness. Beauty + your GLOW will always stem from within.

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart~ Kahlil Gibran.

What are your nightly rituals? I have a few others, but these are the main ones.

love & light