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It’s bad enough to be at an age where you’re starting to think about wrinkles (In no way am I obsessed, but I do believe prevention is key!) without having acne thrown into the mix. You may be surprised to learn, however, that while it’s commonly thought of as a hormonal or stress-related problem, this isn’t always the case. Where you’re breaking out can reveal a lot about what’s going on in your body...your skin is trying to tell you something. Our bodies are smarter than we can ever, ever imagine and are extremely complex. Acne, rosacea, cystic bumps, rashes, irritations are all our body talking to us. They aren't meant to make you feel self conscious, embarrassed, ashamed, and ultimately making you go out and spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on products, procedures and dermatologist appointments.

Some dermatologists, Holistic Practitioners and Naturopaths can diagnose a problem by simply looking at your face and using a face mapping technique. Face mapping can be a key to every mysterious problem behind your skin and internal body issues. But what exactly is face mapping? It’s a popular method in ancient Chinese medicine that focuses on the different areas of your face and judging by the location of the acne or flare-up, doctors can determine its underlying cause.

To find out what our breakouts may be telling you, here is a face mapping breakdown:


Forehead breakouts can be caused by a number of issues, including digestive problems, small intestine issues, liver issues, high levels of stress, irregular sleep cycle, poor diets and even reactions to hair products. To combat forehead acne, get at least seven, eight is ideal, hours of sleep, drink plenty of water to flush out toxins (aim for at least 2 L's), watch your diet to see if any foods spark breakouts and check if certain facial or hair products are irritating skin. Avoid sugary drinks and refined foods.

Temples/Eyebrows/Between Brows

Acne in the area around the eyes can be due to poor circulation, gallbladder problems or diets too high in fat, processed foods or alcohol. Again, water intake is essential as is watching one’s diet and hygiene practices. Water seems like such a simple solution, but it really does make a difference!


Acne on the nose can be due to poor diet, constipation, bloating, gastrointestinal imbalance, indigestion or poor blood circulation. Vitamin B, less seasoned foods and massaging the nose area can alleviate acne there.


The left cheek can be faced with breakouts due to the lungs, liver issues, overeating, stress, stomach problems, dirty cell phones, dirty pillowcases or dirty makeup brushes. It’s important to keep the skin clean every day, especially if your environment is a polluted one. Frequently change pillowcases and wipe screens of cell phones.

Mouth/Lip Area

Acne here can be caused by constipation, it's true, proper elimination is vital to healthy and glowing skin. An excess of spicy or fried foods can also cause flare ups here. An increased intake of fiber, fruits and vegetables can help skin here.


Acne here can be caused by hormonal problems, gynecological issues, kidney imbalance, too frequent hands to skin contact or toothpaste type. Again, rest and water intake helps plenty. You can take omega-3s to keep hormones in balance. Be aware to not rest your face in hands, unless hands are thoroughly cleaned. These seems super simple but often times people do this unconsciously. Be mindful.


The ears are closely related to the kidneys. If kidneys are not functioning properly or receiving enough nutrients or water, large and persistent pimples can appear on the ear’s surface. To avoid this, it’s recommended to drink enough water, avoiding excess caffeine and salt as your kidneys are the ones to flush out excess salt.

I wanted to make this as simple as possible because there is so much information out there, AND products that are promising to be the key to clear skin. When ultimately it can be quite simple, although not always a quick solution as most of us would want. Your body is telling you it is not happy on the inside, and it is experiencing internal and systemic inflammation. Your cells are inflammed and your liver is often burdened with a lot of toxins.

Start simple, clean up your diet, drink copious amounts of water, find stress coping mechanisms (stress can wreak havoc on your skin!), sweat, find the right products for you & your skin type, wear SPF!, and know that your body will heal if you allow it to.

Happy Friday!