IMG_0172 It's no secret that I love my Manuka Honey and lemon masks which I've posted about a few times before! Not only is it crazy effective in brightening skin, lightening hyperpigmentation, acne, dryness, clarity, tone, texture, yes it's pretty much a miracle. It's also uber cheap and you can eat it. I'm sure you heard the saying don't put anything on your skin if you can't eat it, and it's the truth. Going off the last post which I spoke about your skin being your largest organ and everything that you put on your skin, is absorbed into your bloodstream. This mask is like a multivitamin for your face!

I've taken the original recipe and amped it up a bit with two of my other favorite ingredients: Avocado and Turmeric! Words can't express my love for these two nutrient dense beauties. If only some of you could meet me in person, you could see how excited I get about wholesome food and ingredients! I'm quite nerdy to be honest. It can be quite ridiculous at times, but I simply can't help it and don't care! My passion for them is real, and I want to share this with everyone around me.

What are the benefits of the two other beauties?

* Avocado :

- Deeply and highly hydrating (Fatty Acids) - Helps lessen irritation - Revitalizes skin - Heals extremely dry skin (Biotin) - Fights off free radicals that cause oxidative stress in healthy skin cells. Slows down premature aging. Fades acne scars and dark spots. (Vitamin E) - Builds up collagen which is essential in maintaining skin strength and elasticity. (Vitamin C) - Prevent free radical damage to healthy skin cells. Promote youthful glowing skin. (B Vitamins)

* Turmeric :

- Treats acne due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties - Perfect for oily skin as it helps control sebum (oily substance produced by our glands) - Helps reduce wrinkles! - Reduces skin pigmentation

My EXTRA Glow Inducing Mask:

* TBSP Manuka Honey * 1/2 or 1/4 of a Avocado * heaping teaspoon of turmeric * half a small lemon (if haven't used lemon on skin before, I would cut this in half further, especially if you have dry skin)

Mix it all together and voila! Leave it on your skin for 30-45 minutes. I love to jump into the bath while this is on. Read a book, light a candle... heaven.

I wash it off with lukewarm water, spray with rosewater and apply either rosehip oil or a small amount of avocado oil, concentrating the oil around my eye area.

Let me know what you think! I have a few other masks that I've been experimenting with that I can't want to share. I'm all about edible skincare!

Have a great weekend everyone.