I'm obsessed with this scrub. It's so effective and uses only two ingredients that you probably already have at home!

Using organic coconut oil and ground (organic) coffee is a some what unconventional way to treat myself to glowing and radiant skin. This glorious self-made concoction actually works, and it’s super cheap too. I never truly understood how body scrubs can be so pricey. (another cheap and effective one is course sea salt, essential oil, and coconut oil).

But the coffee has a special and specific purpose here.

Why coffee? Caffeine is considered the best ingredient to fight cellulite by stimulating blood flow, and toning and tightening the skin. Coffee is also rich in antioxidants, which aids in releasing toxins. If you really want to reduce your cellulite, you have to be extremely diligent, scrubbing your skin at least two to three times a week. And of course combine your treatments with exercise, a clean and whole foods diet and h2o, and I promise you will see a difference. For those of you who aren’t plagued with cellulite issues (which is about 1% of you!), then look at this homemade body scrub as a way to treat yourself to the silkiest skin ever.

All you need is:

- 2 TBSP unrefined and organic coconut oil - 1/2 cup of coarsely ground organic coffee beans (I use whatever we have at home, and it's always organic as coffee is the most heavily sprayed crops!)

NEXT: Combine the two ingredients together, get into your bath/shower and scrub away on dry skin. Scrub for a good 5 minutes, and sit with it on for another 10 or so. I climb into the bath, scrub, wash my hands, grab a book, wait 10 minutes, run the bath and soak away!!

When you get out of the bath you are left with the softest + glowiest skin ever. I then take a little but more coconut oil and rub it into my skin before hoping into bed. I love getting into bed all soft and oily.

Happy Weekend!