I think we can all collectively share our love for the coconut.

It's water, and oil are used every single day of my life and have given my skin, hair, and digestive tract so many healing gifts.

The miracle oil which serves to tackle almost any skin condition, internal ailment, and is the best cooking oil around will never lose it's place on my beloved shelves. While I still, and always will, adore coconut and it's gifts, I've found a new gem that rivals my beloved coconut.

Avocado Oil. Hailing from the most prized and precious fruit around.

Could the Avocado dethorn the beloved coconut? I doubt it, but I am slowly finding them on equal grounds and because I use coconut oil as a moisturizer day and night, avocado oil might take the new first place...which you can see why below:

1. Makeup Remover: Pour a small amount of avocado oil onto a cotton pad and use to wipe away eye and face makeup.

2. Moisturizer: Avocado oil absorbs more quickly than coconut oil, allowing you to use it as a moisturizer without feeling greasy which is huge for me as I've ruined many tops, and bed sheets due to coconut oils greasy finish.

3. Chapped Lips: Rub a small amount of avocado oil on your chapped lips after exfoliation to help heal the cracks.

4. Cracked Dry Feet: Heal cracked feet by massaging avocado oil onto them after exfoliating in the shower.

5. Soften Cuticles: Massage a small amount of avocado oil onto your hands and cuticles. No greasy finish like other hand moisturizers + coconut oil.

6. Eye Cream: Dab a small amount of avocado oil underneath your eyes and on your crows-feet to help prevent fine lines, due to its high percentage of vitamin e. It really, really works.

7. Homemade Face Mask: Mash half of an avocado with 1-2 tablespoons of avocado oil for the ultimate hydrating face mask. Leave it on for 30 minutes.

8. Bath Oil: Add ¼ cup avocado oil to your next bath to hydrate your skin. I still love coconut oil for this as it soaks in quite well in the bath, but avocado oil literally leaves your skin feeling like silk.

9. Help Heal Wounds: Some experts say that avocado oil can help facilitate the healing of wounds and burns.

10. Massage: Use avocado oil during your next massage to help hydrate skin and promote collagen production. Again no grease.

I'm still discovering many more uses for it, but I'm a convert and will continue to see how my skin and body react to it! Let me know if you've ever used it and what for, I would love to hear.