580106_10151050867352705_1095392138_n Dry Body Brushing! Have you heard of it? Do you practice it?

I've been doing it on and off for years, but now it's a daily morning ritual that I never miss. It might seem a little odd if you've never encountered it before, brushing your entire body, with a some what stiff brush, with a set technique. Yes that is right!

The benefits are too expansive to list here but some include: it assists to improve venous blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, releases toxins, exfoliates dead skin (it DOES reduce the appearance of cellulite!), provides you with added energy as it invigorates your cells and blood. Many people even use dry brushing successfully to assist with the relief of arthritis, psoriasis, improve poor circulation and remove bumpy skin from backs of leg and buttocks! My natural doctor even told me it was a MUST, as my body is healing! As you will see with the technique you 'brush up' the toxins + waste to your lymph nodes where it is excreted properly. As our lymphatic system isn't stimulated if a) we don't exercise and get things moving b) we don't partake in something like body brushing! It opposes our circulatory system which automatically pumps blood throughout our veins.

Here are the general rules for Body Brushing:

1. Always use a plant bristle skin brush. Plant bristle is for the body only, not the face. 2. Perform on Dry Skin only. 3. Generally stroke upward in one movement (I usually go in circular motions around the bum!). 4. Light strokes repeated 7 times. 5. Adjust pressure to your comfort levels and for different parts of the body. 6. Best to follow brushing with a shower 7. Work from left to right side of body.

*** And ALWAYS brush towards your heart! This is the biggest factor.

Check out the diagram below to get a sense of how your strokes to occur. There are youtube videos on it, so you can always check that out if you are a little apprehensive.


I've got it down to under 5 minutes, but if you are just starting out it might take a little longer, so be patient and gentle with yourself. Your skin might be red at first, but your skin will adjust to the strokes and brush. After brushing I take a 2 minute shower, and then slather myself in coconut oil + essential oil for the day. It is one of my favorite rituals, both my skin and body thank me!

We sometimes forget about our largest organ in our body: OUR skin. It is time to show it some LOVE guys. And get your GLOW on.

Happy Brushing!

If you are in Canada you can buy them HERE (I personally like one with a removable handle)

If you are in the USA you can buy them HERE (Canadians + the rest of the world you can also buy from there. You will have to pay a bit more with shipping, but it's still a great place to order from).


Lisa X


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