Ok, lets be honest here, how many of you use natural deodorants? Have you tried a million like myself, and have just given up? Or do you know the negative effects of conventional formulas, but turn a blinds eye to it? I'll be the first to admit that I've tried so, so, so many natural sticks, pastes, crystals, DIY's and everything in between and have sadly cheated on my natural friends. Nothing has TRULY done the job for me, or maybe I just have high expectations from a deodorant? Either way, I don't think it's too much to ask to stay dry, stink free and semi-pleasant under there. Although I have to be fair, I don't make it easy, as my body is highly prone to lots of sweat and oiliness. I sweat walking, sleeping, after I wash my face I see an 'oily glow'. Great for aging, not so great for stinkiness. SO to be fair, I'm quite the tough customer and candidate.

My relationship with these natural guys have been rocky over the years, and it's been a good five years of weaving in and out of natural and conventional (Dove was always my go-to), but every single morning when I used a 'dirty' one I felt icky (mentally), although I was dry as a whistle and daisy fresh.

But these past few months I'm 100% committed to staying natural, finding my holy grail, and saying goodbye to the drugstore buys, as by now we all know they are just toxic (especially for females!!!!). Our lymph nodes are so precious and delicate and are THEE organs that detoxify our body! When we continually and repeatedly invite these toxins into our system, they can build up and show up in different, not so friendly ways in the future. Not to scare anyone, because I don't judge a soul. I simply just want to bring light to this, as I think it's important and even if I can get people thinking about it, having a conversation than that is such a positive step in the right direction.

All of this to say, that these four are my absolute favorites and most effective I've found on the market. The only one I haven't tried is the Agent Nateur, but it's next, and I have a feeling it will be wonderful as I've heard the best reviews from people who fall into my unique category of bodily functions. I also adore that it's in a stick formula, the pots are not my choice of delivery, as I find I end up wasting a lot and I go through it so quickly. But I think it just depends on your preference! I know people who swear by SoapwallaΒ and PuraΒ (which I do swear by, as it smells heavenly and will always be my first LOVE - the smell and texture also can't be beat, but I still like to try new ones that come on the market).

I also have a great love for the spritzing natural of Rose Weleda, as I find it covers well and is easy to reapply and through in my bag for the day. This also covers a great point, I've found that our natural friends usually require a second swipe, or spritz throughout the day. Which is why it's delivery and ease is even more crucial.

Take home from all of the above, is that everyone's body and beliefs are different. The best thing to do is find what works for you, and your lifestyle. I'm quite active and SWEAT, so I've found these to best suit my needs and wants in a deodorant. I do believe in going natural which is why I'm making a commit to myself, to stay married to my natural friends. It's a lifelong commitment that I'm wanting and willing to take.


I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Have you found your natural friend? Or due to ease and disappointment you shamefully swipe the 'bad guy'?


Lisa X