What the heck do I bring with me when I travel?

I have to admit, I packed VERY little clothes as I knew it was going to be scorching hot every single day. My products on the other hand, along with my shoes, took up the bulk of my luggage.

Which I'm 100% okay with. We will have our 'things', this is mine! 

This might seem like a lot to bring on a week long vacation, but I promise I travel light. My suitcase was the size of a small carry-on, but because of these guys, I checked it! I'm not one for decanting all of my products into smaller vessels as it just gets messy, and complicated to decant back. I'm also super conscious of my product sizes in general, and luckily most are on the tinier side. There are a few things missing from this picture, but I'll let you know what those are at the end.

Some things were specific to the trip, but most of these are my daily staples! Let's take a pick into my little skincare gems.

***DISCLAIMER: I always want to share that although I adore these products, and have found great success with them, they might not work for your skin type. Which is why I also caution people readily adopting specific products without evaluating their lifestyle, food choices and hormones, as those are #1 when it comes to glowing, and healthy skin. Products are the cherry on the top!***

That being said, some of these might totally vibe with your skin, that's wonderful, and makes me very happy.

PHILLIP ADAM SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER - This brand is Canadian, 100% natural, and 100% my new love. Before I was using Andalou, and although I loved it, I still wanted something a little more natural for my hair. I came across this brand about six months ago and haven't looked back. It's super cost effective, as you don't need a lot, the apple cider vinegar in it makes my hair so shiny and easy to work with, and it allows me to wash my hair at night, and simply wake up and run a come through it (I'm -100 when it comes to hair maintenance). Wash and go is the only way for me!

DR. BRONNERS SHAVE CREAM + BODY WASH (IN PEPPERMINT) - My main stays and staples. These are all I've used for the past decade. I don't see myself  venturing from them, as if it ain't broke, why fix it! They are beyond natural, and I whole-heartedly support their values, and mission. Especially when it comes to GMO labeling, and choosing organic when and if possible. I love the Bronner family.

PESTLE AND MORTAR HYALURONIC SERUM - So this is an absolutely brand new product for me, that I purchased over 2 months ago. I've used products with Hyaluronic acid before, but nothing quite like this. I don't have the greatest need for it, right now that is, as my skin is quite hydrated, and is anything but dry. But I was curious as to the results, and if I noticed a big difference. To be honest, I think it's such a stellar product, but I don't see myself need something like this until my 40's, when and if my skin starts to get a little on the drier side. I'm happy I tried it, and I will monitor my skin after the completion of this, to truly see if it made a difference. (*If you do experience dry skin, this product might be for you! If not, I would stick to serums and products with HA in the ingredient list*)

SUN BUM 50 SUNSCREEN (body) + IMAGE 50+ PREVENTION MOISTURIZER (face)- I'll be the first to admit that I use sunscreen, and I'm 1000% ok with it. I know there is so much controversy over it actually causing skin cancer, and the toxins that lay within it, but I believe the positives out way the negatives(for me!). I know everyone might not agree, but I believe this choice to be personal, and all you can do is arm yourself with the knowledge provided and then make a educated decision. I've been wearing sunscreen on my face since my early 20's and I swear it's what's kept my skin line free! For sure lifestyle and diet play a massive role, but there is absolutely no denying that the sun is the skin's biggest enemy (apart from the vitamin D we get from it), and biggest producer of damaged skin. Genetics obviously play a role as well, but our skin is 98% environmental, aka what we chose to do or not to do. In any case, what I'm realizing now is this could be a post in and of itself, so maybe I will save this for a more in depth post, as I am pro-sunscreen.

I think this is also a great time to let you know, and I've expressed this before, that I'm not a purist. I always, always, always choose organic first when possible, eat organic, drink organic, have a stellar self-care / love routine, move my body in the way it loves, care for the environment, I'm aware and conscious of my choices, and I simply just can't be 100% pure, clean, organic and toxic free all the time! HA! I don't know if anyone can, as we simply live in a toxic environment (smoke, pollution, lack of forestry, etc...). All of this to say, I make the best choices for my body, and lifestyle and I'm ok with maybe the 5% that isn't always 'clean'. As I just find it a little too rigid for me. It absolutely might work for others, and I know it does, but for me I like a little flexibility in my choices and life. 

PURA JADE ROLLER - I just wrote a post on this GEM! I now I don't travel without it.

RMS UN-COVER UP - Holy Grail, BFF'S forever and ever. You can see my love for all things RMS here!

DO TERRA TERRASHEILD - We were warned about the bugs in St.Lucia, so I brought my essential bug oil and it worked like a miracle worker. Of course the first few nights we forgot to put it on, and I got bit extensively on my legs, arms and a few big honkers on my face (!) This was even while sleeping under a giant net around our bed. They could smell our fresh blood, and found a way in. After those two nights, and putting this on, absolutely nothing, no bites. It worked so, so, so well and it smells like a dream, as it's pure essential oils in fractioned coconut oil. I highly recommend this if you're outdoorsy, or are going camping this summer.

HURRAW BALM - My favorite lip balm in the whole wide world. I always have at least two cherry's somewhere around me, and then whatever flavors / smells I'm vibing with at that moment. I usually change the other two out seasonally, as there are so many good ones to choose from, but cherry is my home girl.

JASON TOOTHPASTE - I've tried almost all of the natural toothpastes on the market, 1) because it's fun, 2) I was on the hunt to find my favorite, and out of all of them I've tried, I keep on coming back to this one. It's all about finding 'thee perfect minty flavor', a not too chalky texture, and one that isn't naturally sweetened to the max. If you're still on the hunt, I would highly recommend this guy.

SCHMIDT'S NATURALS - GUYS, this is a big deal! Along the same lines as the toothpaste above, I've searched the globe for the perfect natural / toxic free deodorant. I've tried $30-40 dollar jars, crystals, sticks, creams, pastes, tubes, sprays, high-end, to natural drugstore brands, and to no avail, absolutely nothing worked for me. I just couldn't find one that worked for me (background: I perspire a lot, I have oiler skin, me and humidity aren't friends, and I natural crave cooler temps, so my body gets hot really fast!) therefore I'm the perfect test subject for natural deodorants, which are notoriously known for not being as effective.

Full disclosure, I sweat profusely,  and can get really smelly, and sticky. That was until I noticed this one on the market, that I'd by passed a couple of times. I can't believe I waited so long. First of all it's a stick (I've found I can't do pots or pastes), second of all it works like an absolute dream!!! If you're still on the hunt for a ND, try this one out. I can't speak more highly about it. Here are some of my other favorites, but this one takes the prize in all categories. 

FOREO LUNA MINI 2 - I love this little guy! I use it to cleanse at night, and find the vibrations extremely soothing, and my skin afterwards is insanely soft. Essentially for me, I use this to deep clean (because I wear sunscreen every single day), and to allow the products I use after ward to truly soak in. Another little gem that I adore.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL - One of my main stay supps! This is the only supplement I brought with me on the trip, asI knew I wouldn't be eating as many healthy fats. Therefore I wanted to make sure my body was still getting its essential fatty acids, which are vital to healthy skin, hair, nails and hormonal imbalances. (I think EPO needs a post on it's own!)

P50 - So ah ha, complete transparency. This isn't natural at all, but it works brilliantly for my skin type. I'd seen it on beauty blogs, most notable the big guns, INTOTHEGLOSS, dozens of times, and resisted because 1) it's extremely hard to find, and 2) it's not all that natural + organic. Tides changed when on my birthday last year, I got treated to a facial, and this product line was used on my skin, and most notably this product. Something drew me to it, magnetic forces I believe, as I proceeded to purchase a small trial bottle to just experiment with (I LOVE TRYING NEW THINGS), and since that day it hasn't left my side. I use the one with no phenol (important), and only every other day, as it's potent. 

DESSERT ESSENCE FACE WASH - I can't believe it took me this long to try this HG facewash. It's been around the natural world for quite some time, but I blindly dismissed it for some reason. My mind probably told me that it can't be that great as it's so cheap, and almost too simplistic. But boy was I wrong, and boy does it ever work for me. Again going back to skin type, as I have a oiler complexion this works wonders for my skin, and I find it balancing out my PH wonderfully. Since trying it last year, I've gone through two whole bottles now, and just purchased my third yesterday. I see this being one of my favity-favs for a very long time. BFF status for sure.

MISSING - THAYERS ROSEWATER, BAMBOO TOOTHBRUSH, PURA AMBROSIA OIL (which I didn't use every day as it was sooooo humid). I'm nearing the last few drop of this one though, so I'm on the hunt for a new active oil/serum to try...

There she is! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment below. After writing this I'm also realizing that a lot of these products / topics could have posts of their own. So maybe I'll grab a few discussions here and carry them over, as I love, love, love talking about glowing, first from the inside out, secondly things you can put on your skin to add the cherry on top. 

I'm also leaning into, and exploring the whole video and youtube world. It might not be for another few months until that happens! But you will be the first to know when it does, and I can't wait to share more fun discoveries that I come across.  

love & light,

Lisa X