DSC_0184 I've shared my love for RMS over a dozen times here on the blog, and felt it was time to do an entire post dedicated to the greatness that is RMS (aka Rose-Marie Swift). It's been a love affair for over 5 years now, and I truly do not wear any other makeup but hers. I'm one loyal lady.

I first recall meeting Rose-Marie in her apartment after contacting here through e-mail, as I discovered her products online. I was living in NYC at the time so she said to come to her home, and I could buy her products there! I was taken aback, as she had no idea who I was and here she was inviting me into her home. Upon meeting her you are met with an energy that is on another plane. She vibrates on a higher level, and is so down to earth, honest, wise and beyond funny. It was such a joy to meet her, and that started many visits to her downtown apartment sometimes alone, and other times with my BFF Anne-Marie, who is the sweetest + most beautiful human being on the planet. She models, and since Rose-Marie is Gisele's Bundchen's make-up artist (along with most of the Victoria Secret Models), Anne-Marie had been introduced to her products from some of these ladies, who cannot get enough. I promise you, there is no other make-up like this. (sidenote: Rose-Marie also looks sooo much younger than she is, and is SUCH a huge supporter of Organic farming + Non-GMO products, and is so integral, open and honest about every single inch of her life. Her authenticity is inspiring to me!)

Not only is it certified organic, but it's base is pure, raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil.

I believe they say it best...

rms beauty proudly report every ingredient used in our products, because we have nothing to hide.


rms beauty cream color cosmetics are packaged in recyclable glass with an aluminum recyclable lid....not plastic.

rms beauty products are extremely pure so there may be fluctuations in the product itself. Each organic ingredient has its own unique qualities so they will differ at various times of harvest/production but will always have the same healing and nourishing qualities.


I can wax poetic about their greatness, but you will have to put them to the test yourself to see the magic at work.


The two products that I use every. single. day are the 'UN' Cover Up + The Living Luminizer - I don't normally wear eyeshadow and I never wear blush or eyeliner. So these two products are my babies. They literally melt into your skin, and produce a glow that rivals all else. Because of the coconut oil, they also continue to heal your skin, if it's been sun damaged or if you've picked a spot (GUILTY!).

They also last you a reallly, reallly long time so do not let the price deter you in anyway. They are not only worth their weight in gold because of the pure ingredients + the process in which they are made, but their value is off the charts. One little pot can last your anywhere from 3 months to over a couple of years, as you truly need so little to get the coverage + look of natural, dewy + glow induced skin.

If you are in the market for new makeup, and are wanting to go green with what you're using on your skin, than this is the best of the best. Let me know what you think, or if you already use it. I love meeting fellow RMS Lovers.

x L