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We all have habits that can kill our happiness - in a perfect world we would live in bliss 24/7, but our mind, body and external environments do not allow this to happen.

So today I want to share with you a few habits I believe you must give up to find TRUE happiness. Because although we can't be happy 24/7, I believe we can get pretty darn close. I know this because it all starts in the mind. We will all be faced with challenges, relationship problems, hardships, that we can't control, but the ONE thing we can control is our mind and actions. To start living differently, we have to make the choice to, and the actions must flow from this....I challenge you this weekend to give these up, and make a choice to be happy.

Worrying about...EVERYTHING

* Worrying is the biggest happiness slayer EVER. It takes practice to stop, and it's not easy, but like everything in life not much is.

Constant, deliberate, people pleasing

* We all want to say YES to everything, but it's truly not possible and is usually at the expense of ourselves, as we will carry out someone else's duties instead of taking care of ourselves first! Usually people who are constantly saying 'yes' to everything need the approval of others to make themselves feel worthy. Saying 'no' is not always bad, because when you say it to someone you are really saying 'YES' to YOU.


* This could be the equivalent to stagnation. We spend more time aggravating ourselves with worry about how long the task is going to take rather than just doing it! So at the end of the day just tell yourself STOP, refocus and begin taking calculated action on what it will take to get the results you desire.

Living in the past

* We spend FAR too much time living in the past and thinking about what happened yesterday, last week, last month at the expense of being in the PRESENT moment. Today, right here, right now. Know that you aren't along and that everyone is presented with life challenges along their journey, but it's whether you are stuck in the patterns of the past or have the courage and tenacity to move past them. You can't change what happened, you truly can't, so embrace what happened, don't beat yourself up about it - believe me it's not worth it.

Always looking past the present moment in anticipation of the next

* We spend too much time in this moment, wanting to be in the next one, that we are missing our lives! Now is the only time you have. Now is life. Make sure you are fully experiencing it.

Judging others

* Just don't do it, no one should be judged. We were all created equal, and we are 1 in 7 billion. We will be different and that is ok. When you judge someone else, you suffer. It is an outward display of inward inferiority. The individual who cleans the bathroom at a fast food restaurant is no less of a person than the CEO that uses it. Never forget that, and next time you see them give them a SMILE, and thank them. They deserve every bit of greatness that you have in your life, and you don't know what their daily struggles are. Be thankful, and spread love wherever you go.

Comparing your story to everyone else's

* When you stop living your dreams, you live theirs. You are unique, and no matter how hard you try to be like someone else, you will never be them, and you shouldn't want to be! You are lovely, unique and beautiful just as you are.

love & light

Lisa X