p1060608 When something bad happens you have three choices. You can let it define you, let it destroy you, or you can let it strengthen you.


Hi Guys, so I shared part one of my journey which was first published back in 2013 on the blog this past Friday. It was so crazy to read over, as I honestly haven't look at for ages. It brought back a lot, but mostly it's shown me how far I've come, and how miraculous the body truly is. Today I wanted to share the post that I wrote the next day regarding my adventure with Lyme. 


Here it is... 



December. 3rd / 2013 

I have to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you. The love, comments + support + each word touched my heart. I debated even telling my story on my blog as I wanted to keep it professional and light, but I believe that we're all the same - human beings trying to make the world a better place, and live a life filled with love and happiness. If we don't share our stories with others, how can we help others who might be suffering a similar path? I could go on for days how grateful I am to be here, to share, to inspire, to grow, to learn from you, my clients, the world...So thank you

 I mentioned yesterday some of the struggles that came along with my journey. Pretty much Lyme Disease affects every single system in your body from your brain, to your heart, to you gut, nervous system, etc... All of it - that's why my symptoms were so scattered. I would lose feeling in my legs while walking, then I would have to go to the emergency room for heart palpitations, and would then be gripping my stomach from stomach pain. Doctors therefore had noooo clue what to do with me. After conducting all the tests they could think of, and all of them coming back negative, by their books nothing was wrong with me.

But I knew inside this wasn't the case. My body was screaming out...which is why we must tune into our selves, our bodies. Each symptom is not a coincidence. It's telling you, your body is not happy, and that something is wrong.

Two areas where it really took its toll, was my thyroid and my hormones, which are the two key factors in regulating almost everything in the body. Everything.

It's easy to take for granted what that little butterfly shaped organ in our necks can do, and the fact that hormones control just about everything. 

Before I was diagnosed with Lyme, I was actually told I had hypothyroidism , which I only thought happened during peri or menopause itself. Little did I know my thyroid hadn't been functioning for years, and again my levels were so low my Functional Medicine Practitioner looked at me and couldn't believe I wasn't fatigued, depressed and that I didn't pack on 40-50 pounds, which is the norm, between the ages of 45-65.

Nutrition definitely keep me afloat, but it didn't completely save me from the some of the dreaded symptoms as I was undiagnosed for so many years prior.

 I had put on a good 25 pounds, lost over half my head of hair, developed really bad acne, was cold all the time, became tired quite early on in the evening and a few others that I just learned to manage. Because I'm tall the weight wasn't as noticeable, but boy did I notice. Jeans, shirts everything was feeling mighty tight and not fitting! Here I was juicing, following a Candida free diet, which I followed for a year because I also had systematic Candida, which is a story in itself, eating heaps of veggies, no processed food what so ever, and I packed on all those pounds in a matter of months.

Your hormones and thyroid are vital for optimal health. Here everyone was telling me I was the healthiest person they knew, and I couldn't stop gaining weight, my skin was going crazy, and my hunger cues were extremely out of whack.


I was producing zero estrogen, no progesterone, and little to no testosterone. And because my hormones were so messed up I had no satiety factor - I would eat and eat and still feel hungry. Not good when your metabolism is not working, haha. I was eating all healthy food, but too much of anything is still not good for you. But needing to satiate myself I ate a lot of nuts (we're talking giant handful at a time, and I would go back for massive handfuls), avocados (sometimes two to three a day!), goji berries, nut butters, raw chocolate and olives. Even more weight crept on.... I literally could go on and on about all of this, but for now I will keep it at this. 

So this is why this month I've started to take control of things. I'm not going to wait until Jan 1st 2014. For me living my best life happens 365 days a year, and I try everyday to live a healthier and happier life. We all have good and bad days, but going forward into 2014 - I'm going to finally be free of all my symptoms.

They say there is no cure for Lymes, as it's chronic and simply goes into remission, but I don't believe you have to live with something for the rest of your live. I do believe there is a cure, as a massive part of healing the body resides in the mind.

Food is medicine for me, and I will gladly eat greens, juice and partake in superfoods on the daily, because I know the other option.

I will never go back there, do those deep, dark and extremely symptomatic days. I went through a period of feeling guilty for not being able to control my hormones, weight, etc...but I know that I did the best that I could. Case closed, guilt doesn't deserve to be anywhere in your life. It serves no purpose.

Which is why I'm sharing all of this. Maybe you will see yourself, and your journey through these words. Maybe you haven't experienced all of these symptoms, or maybe you're even experiencing more. Wherever you are, I want to give you hope, send you love, and let you know that healing is possible. 

These past few weeks I've really been going within and doing a lot of digging, releasing, meditating, praying, journalling, reading and practicing lots of self-love and care. It's a lot of retraining of the mind and brain, and boy let me tell you that's the hardest part.

SO LET ME GET TO MY DECEMBER CHALLENGE - This is just a mini kick-start for me, but for the most part these are things I do regularly. I'm just making a greater commitment to myself. I want to share some pieces with you as I hope that you will do some digging into your own life and see what areas you want to change, or shine light on the ones that are going well. We're all on a journey, and we are in this together.

*remember what works for me, might not work for you. So listen to what your body, mind and soul needs and go within.

-Cut down on the nuts and seeds! Nuts are insanely healthy, don't get me wrong. But for now they seem to be my vice and trigger. They are dense, and even though they are uber healthy, they're mostly fat. Due to my hormone levels, and satiety I can't control my portions with them! Give me a bag of almonds and I will eat them all. Truth bomb. I would never cut them out entirely as they have amazing minerals, vitamins, and are full of proteins, but for now I won't be purchasing them except to make my raw nut mylks to have with chia puddings!

- Meditation - I've gone through three series of Deepak Chopra's + Oprah's 21 day meditation challenges and I've fallen in love. When I'm meditating/praying (whatever you want to call it, or feel comfortable with), I feel a difference in myself, my life, my surroundings. My life is infinitely better with these golden nuggets of solitude and reflection. So I'm committed to daily meditation. Even if it's just five to ten minutes.

-Honing back my skills for intuitive eating - when my hormones were going awry, I was not in tune with what my body needed - nutrient wise and quantity. I would just eat large amounts of really healthy, and dense food. If I'm going to be totally honest and show you that we are all human, and have struggles, I would often eat three avocados after dinner! So yes, you can eat too much of a healthy food.

Think back to when we were kids, and ate just the right amount when we were hungry. Not by the clock, but by what our bodies were telling us. Therefore before the new year hits, and as I get my hormones and thyroid under control, which I'm doing naturally through essential oils, nutrition and self care. I will practice, because yes it takes practice, and retraining the brain. I will work on getting back to intuitive eating.

-Exercise - now for me this has never been a problem! I looooove to move my body and started ballet when I was three. I love sweating and working out, but I think my body and mind could do with a little more yoga. So leading up the holidays I will be going to more hot yoga, my favorite, which will be good for my body, mind and spirit. But my challenge to you is get moving! It makes life that much sweeter.

PHEW. I feel like this is another heavy post!

I just feel like I wanted to share a bit of this with you, so you could see that we all have a story. We all have struggles. No one is perfect, not a sole. Don't always believe what you see, as it's too easy to paint a beautiful picture, than to show the process of method of getting to the final piece. 

What matters most is our attitude during, and how we choose to take hold of the situation. 

So I challenge you before the new year hits to write down goals, aspirations, things you want to change right now and don't wait until the New Year to start accomplishing them.

So what does 2014 look like for you? What do you want, what do you want/need to change, if we don't act and make the changes ourselves, the old record will keep on playing. . . . so I challenge you. Look within. Do the searching and digging, it's not easy, but boy oh boy is it the most rewarding thing you will ever do. Know yourself better and your life will be enriched infinitely.

2014 is going to be mind blowing...So let's begin.

Lisa xo


It still blows my mind that this was over three years ago?! How fast does time fly? This is always a good reminder to myself to stay present, as things can change in a blink of an eye! 

Maybe this resonated with you, wherever you are in your health journey. Because that's what it is. Decoding our health and nourishing our bodies properly, is not just something you do once, and you're set. It's a daily habit that you have to build, one that will evolve, grow and be changed as time goes on. 

For those of you in need of deeper guidance, support and love during the beautiful, exciting and often difficult journey when it comes to our own unique bodies, health and lifestyles, I look forward to connecting over a session. 

All my love and light to you on this wonderful start of a new week.

Happy Monday!