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As we enter into a new month + Chinese New Year + New moon . . . we have to learn to LET. GO. I think that's been the theme of the last month around here. But are you doing it? Just like everything in life, I believe it takes practice, persistence, heartache + valleys . . . to truly let go, we have to be ready for what comes after. It's not easy. . .

A bad day is just a bad day. It comes and it goes. Choose not to make it anything more. You will find that it’s necessary to let some things go simply for the reason that they’re heavy on your heart and soul. Go ahead and let go of them. It’s incredibly easy to enjoy more of your life right now, no matter what the situation. It’s just a matter of dropping of the layers of nonsense that are weighing you down. It's about living a life of perspective. . . yes you might be feeling this or someone might of said that, but in the big picture of life does it really matter?

Behind every beautiful day, there has been some kind of struggle. You fall, you rise, you make mistakes, you live, you learn. You’re human, not perfect. You’ve been hurt, but you’re alive. That's life. Think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive today – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, and to chase the things you love, to experience true love + the infinite amount of JOY life brings. Sometimes there is sadness in your journey, but there is also lots of beauty. You must keep putting one foot in front of the other even when it hurts, for you will never know what is waiting for you just around the bend.

Follow this daily to-do list :

Think positively. Eat healthy. Exercise today. Worry less. Work hard. Laugh often. Sleep well.



It's simple. Don't try to complicate it. None of us are perfect, so I challenge you to let. go . Release it. . . know your worth and beauty + let your light shine.

love & light

Lisa X