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There’s no better time to evaluate how much sleep you’re getting, and how a lack of sleep can affect your skin, health, mood, and LIFE really. This is a topic I'm very passionate about. Sleep is essential for optimal health. It's actually no joke how important it is! After this past week of way too many late nights, early mornings, restless sleep and eating out a lot my body was/is definitely showing the signs.

There was far too many nights that have been sleepless, tossing and turning, and waking up every hour to pee, or I just cant sleep! When I finally got up in the morning, exhausted, I looked in the mirror only to find a dull skin tone, sunken face, and dark, puffy bags under my eyes. I’m sure you’ve all had a similar experience. . . not to mention how you feel. Tired, not as vibrant, increased appetite, unmotivated, some people get moody or cranky, skin can start to break out. . . the outcomes are endless really.

When we are talking about skin, our largest organ, lack of sleep can result in more than a dull complexion. A recent study has shown that chronic sleep deprivation can be linked to larger skin concerns including increased signs of aging, slower recovery from environmental stressors, and disruption of the skin barrier (which is what protects from things like UV radiation).

If you aren’t consistently sleeping well, then you have more to worry about then a lackluster skin tone the next day. You’re going to experience accelerated signs of aging including fine lines, uneven pigmentation, and reduced skin elasticity. And it’s going to be a slower process to repair any damage done to the skin. NOT to mention the whole myriad of health issues, which I could go on, and on about but see this picture below . . . shocking really!


I don't want to scare you into sleeping more! But I think it's important to be aware of our sleeping patterns and how they are affecting our every day lives. It's very easy to 'think' our body runs well on 5, 6 hours of sleep, in the long run it can have a whole heap of other factors.

love & light