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Fellow Ukrainian, Supermodel Alina Baikova is someone who truly radiates health, beauty and wellness from the inside out. Not only has she graced the covers of ELLE, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Marie Claire, to name a few, but she is someone who has a beautiful heart and soul, and not to mention her discipline and will power like a cheetah. Follow her on instagram and her workouts at Barry's Bootcamp and boxing sessions with boxer Michael Olajide Jr. from Aerospace NYC will make you bounce out of bed to truly just DO IT. She exemplifies the true personification that a strong mind can help you achieve absolutely anything in life. She lives with truth, beauty and a gentleness for other human beings and our beautiful planet. Read her inspiring interview, and get ready to get your runners on, there is no excuse guys...if we want anything in life we have to go out there and get it!

Hi Alina, tell us a little bit about yourself! Where did you grow up, how did you get into modeling, and what are your hobbies.

HI Lisa , I grew up in very small city in Ukraine , named Kirovograd with a population of 300 000 people (doesn’t sound small , but the population counts all the small villages around the city ). Where people have no hope in future, no jobs , no good education . After I finished high school I had to go to work as a waitress to support myself and didn’t ask my parents for money for little needs, as my papents didn’t make much money.

That’s how I met an amazing woman Tanya with whom I'm still good friends and who pushed me to become a model .As I didn’t feel like doing it and didn’t trust anyone who told me I could be a model . When I grew up ,on every tv channel we had documentaries on how foreign man come to our countries ,promise girls that they will become top models ,on arrival to whatever country taking passports away and make them do degrading jobs .

But Tanya believed in me, took all the responsibilities on herself and made me and my family trust her. That’s how I started travelling slowly . Than I moved to Paris where my modeling career started . I feel really lucky that it all happened to me and thankful for all I have gotten .

Would you consider yourself a healthy foodie or do you try to maintain a balance between healthy eating and indulging (80% healthy, 20% treats)?

I eat a lot of vegetables , salads , no milk products and no red meat ( for pollution reason ). Love Vegan places, not fan of raw food, only if I need something sweet it has to be from a raw food place . And trying to eat as little as I can fried food ( French fries is so not on my menu ).

How do you manage to stay so fit and healthy? Please share with us your dietary philosophy/secrets?

I believe we are all very strong in our minds , if you want to be healthy you will be healthy! The question is do you really want it ?! Do you really care about it ?!

But we all should care , there is so many things in life which are really unhealthy , like pollution ( the air we breathe in the big cities ) , we are working harder than we use to work even 10 years ago ,less vacation days, GMO food ( on which some people make a lot of money, and those people never touch this food themselves ) ect…. If you think about those things you automatically becoming healthy .Eat clean and workout at least 1hour a day

Favorite workout/sport?

I love working out . It makes me happy and gives me a lot of energy for rest of the day (I prefer a morning workout).

My favorite one is Barrys Bootcamp ( because of its availability ) and running. I also love Boxing and kick boxing, it challenges me ( doing it less tho, not always know what time I'll be free to book it in advance). If I travel and have no gym ( or don’t like the gym which I have ) I will go for 1 hour run. I'm also always trying new things that my friends suggesting me.

Top health tip?

Eat clean , drink a lot of water, party less , workout more and learn how to get pleasure out of it. You have to love what you do otherwise it will be harder ☺


Introvert or extrovert?

I would say both, depends on the day and mood

What we’d be surprised to find in your refrigerator?

I wish I could surprise you with something . But I travel so much and used to throw away a lot of food which I really don’t like doing, it makes me feel guilty because there are a lot of people that wish to have at one piece of bread. So I have a lot of water in my refrigerator and some juices

Do you drink green juices and smoothies? What is your all time favorite? I do drink a lot of juices , simple green ( celery ,cucumber,aloe,kale or spinach,sea salt,ginger) I also like a red one ; beets ,carrot, grapefruit,orange,and a lot of ginger)

What are your healthy food staples and ones that you eat everyday?

Smoothies (banana,blueberry)

What are your top 5 beauty products that you use everyday?

I don’t really use any beauty products. Summer time Raw coconut butter for the body. Jojoba and Calendula oils for the face … switching sometimes. Winter time La Mer cream. Trying to not use any make up in casual life

How do you maintain a healthy balance in your life when you are always traveling?

Its really hard and most of the time plane food and airport food is really bad so eating only fruits and drinking hot tea or water or staying hungry till I arrive and have a salad or if I'm lucky a good healthy meal ( looking at it as detox day ;) which is very healthy to do for one full day every 10 days).

Top 3 Favorite books that had an impact on your life?

Paulo Coelho “The Alchemist” (ed note: One of my favorites too, so good!) “When you want something all the universe comprise in helping you to achieve it”

I also believe in Destiny . No matter how good you plan your life you will be exactly where you have to be .

The last two books I read affected me a lot-

Mahatma Gandhi & Nelson Mandela Autobiography. (Just read this too!)

Love the people, patriotic feelings and how to live for others and spread love ,respect people and all they do.

The best vacation you’ve ever taken?

When I climbed Kilimanjaro . The best experience and something that I decided to do last minute , something that I would not even think of doing. (This would be my dream! One day Alina, thanks for the inspiration!)

Favorite designer?

They all incredibly creative and talented ,hard to choose … I would say I have a piece from every designer.

Ultimate healthy meal:

Marinated Black Code with steam carrots ,broccoli , kabocha squash with teriyaki souse ( I get it at Souen soho, Macrobiotic ,Natural organic food.)

Greatest movie of all time:

Im not a fan of movies, Im watching a lot of documentaries … but have one movie I can watch again and again and it's “The Notebook”. (So Romantic, and so good).


3 things on your bucket list:

1.Discover Some Asian Countries such as Tibet, Burma , Nepal ,Bhutan,Mongoilia ect… 2.To Join charity foundation or make my own where I could help people . 3. Sky diving (maybe)

Latest inspiration:

Is the hope that whatever I plan in the future is going to work well.

Message you would like to send out to the world:

Eat Healthy , Work out everyday and Pay attention to other people around you. Respect nature , dont throw any garbage on the sidewalks. Please Don’t leave AC on home while you gone. Please Don’t Leave engine on without reason while you waiting in your car ( even if its 5 min only to wait)

If you want to improve the world start with yourself ☺

Thank you Alina, you're a beautiful person inside and out! Let's grab some Souen in NYC!

love & light,