unnamed_ykee6desg “Beauty…when you look into a woman’s eyes and see what is in her heart.” ~ Nate Dircks

Zuzana is one beautiful woman, both inside and out. She radiates the pages of magazines and editorials, but more importantly she possesses a radiance about her that stems from her heart. She is genuine, down-to-earth, and is a lover of all things health, nature, fitness and ADVENTURE! A girl after my own heart. She is personal Muse to World renowned boxing trainer, Michael Olajide Jr, and knows exactly what the word BALANCE and hardwork means. Through traveling the world, and gaining a sense of herself and the world she inspires others through her words, actions + presence. After you read this you will be ready to make the most delicious kale salad, go sky-diving and spend time with your loved ones. . . family, friends and our loves are everything. Let her words inspire you to do just that.

Hi Zuzana, tell us a little bit about yourself! Where did you grow up, how did you get into modeling and what are your favorite hobbies ?

I am from Bratislava , capital city of Slovakia. I got discovered at age of 13 in a theater class by my mother agency EXIT. I started modeling at 14 , when I went to Tokyo , on my was great and fun experience where I learned a lot. Came to NY when I was 16 and I knew immediately I wanted to live here one day. After graduating high school I moved here and it has been 5 years now..and i couldn't love this city more : )

My work is my biggest hobby. I truly love and enjoy what i do , even tho of course there are some difficult days, but thats like at any other job.

Working out is my other obsession….but we can get to that later . In my free time I like to go upstate and enjoy nature , spend time with my boyfriend Ben Hill and our two french bulldogs Boobie and Pepper. I love riding my motorcycle , playing paintball , skydiving , I adore adrenalin and a bit MORE dangerous things…but also I enjoy relaxing with massages and spa or just have a laugh with my friends.

How has modeling shaped who you are as a person, and if you weren’t modeling what do you think you would want to do?

It made me stronger person then I was. I am a Leo and that definitely helped : ) of course I got so much experience from traveling and working at such young age…I learned about different cultures and how to deal with difficult situations. I developed communication skills by meeting new people at work every day. Not sure what i would have done if I wouldn't have started modeling..I would figure something out, as I will have to do anyway after I'm done with modeling.

Zuzana Gregorova5[5]

What inspires you on a daily basis?

In general definitelly my family. Literally every single family member. They are amazing and I'm very lucky to have them all.

On daily basis mostly my boyfriend. My friends. Also the people I work with who are incredibly talented and creative.

Would you consider yourself a healthy foodie or do you try to maintain a balance between healthy eating and indulging (80% healthy, 20% treats)?

Maintaing the balance is one of the most important things in my life. It took me many years to figure it all out but this year I can say I finally got it all sorted : )) Its not easy, its difficult especially with traveling. But a healthy life style like eating right and working out became my hobby. But I'm still a human being and i have my cheat days when I just relax and eat whatever i feel like : )

What is your non-negotiable when it comes to your diet?

As I mentioned when it comes to my cheat days, I have no limits. But actually I dont eat pasta, nutella and fried food, except french fries…

How do you manage to stay so fit and healthy, especially when you are always travelling! Please share with us your dietary + fitness philosophy

Main thing for me is not to have any trigger foods around my house , otherwise I would eat it all at once… so of course its hard when I'm on a job and they have amazing catering with all cookies and desserts…its all will power not to eat it. The trick with me is I can't have even a bite , because the second I know it is delicious, I keep coming back for it. Then even a will power won't stop me : )) I also ask the hotels to empty mini bars when I check in. So there is no opportunities to eat a chocolate bar when there is none around. This way I can concentrate on eating healthy foods… veggies and protein.

Airport and airplane food is tricky as well…hard to find a delicious and healthy meal..thats why I always travel with my own food I take from home, my fave kale salad , and some nuts , and I love ziplock bags because I pack carrots, peppers, apples and maybe some turkey beast or a ham.

I never eat what they serve in a plane, its so bad for us to eat..all the extra stuff they put in there.

I'm trying to work out anytime I can... Boxing 3-5 times a week and doing ballet beautiful {ed note: Another BB fan! Love it Zuzana!} in between..depends on my work schedule. Great thing about my work outs is that I can take my jump rope everywhere and get my cardio in and then ballet beautiful offers videos online so i can do that as well anywhere and anytime.

Favorite workout/sport?

The best work out I have ever done is boxing and jump roping! My trainer Michael Olajide Jr completely transformed my body. Im addicted and you can always find me at his Aerospace studio. He is coming out with his new book called SLEEKIFY on december 3rd , where you can find all the secrets to an amazing body. Its a great book and I'm very happy to be part of it as well. Recently I started to do also Ballet Beautiful that Alyssa Miller recommended and I fell in love. Very gracefull and relaxing yet still hard. It compliments my boxing workout perfectly!

Top health tip?

Hydrate…your skin and body and read food labels before you buy a product.

Introvert or extrovert?

Extrovert. I like to express my feelings and im brutally honest. Thats one of the things my friends appreciate about me the most.

What we’d be surprised to find in your refrigerator?

Apricot seeds that contains vitamin B17. Its proven to kill cancer cells and with all the processed food we are eating these days its important to take care of your health. Prevention is everything. {ed note: amazing secret, as hardly anyone knows about this!}

Do you drink green juices and smoothies? What is your all time favorite?

I have to say I'm not a big fan of green juices. I prefer to eat veggies instead of drinking them.

What are your healthy food staples and ones that you eat everyday?

1/3 cup of oatmeal with 1/2 chopped apple and few walnuts. Cant start my morning without it. Later during the day I always get some protein like fish or chicken. For about last 2 months I'm hooked on kale salad that I eat every day if I can. They make it at Tuck shop in Chelsea Market. So so tasty and healthy!

What are your top 5 beauty products that you use everyday?

I use products from my dermatologist Dr. David Orentreich. His OIL FREE MOISTURIZER is a must.

Lately I fell in love with face oil RODIN OLLIO LUSSO, it's a savior after a flight when my skin gets really dehydrated.

I use BIODERMA to clean my face and its great for removing make up while still being gentle to your skin.

Dry lips drives me crazy and LABELLO CLASSIC does the trick for me. I never go anywhere without it.

And another, probably most important is SUNSCREEN {ed note: AGREED! Sunscreen is vital} . Doesn't only protects against skin cancer, but also against wrinkles! People forget that sun has a huge impact on skin aging. I've tried many, but what suits me best is BRIGHTENING UV DEFENSE SPF 30 high protection by SKIN CEUTICALS. This one is unfortunatelly available for purchase only in europe since it contains Mexoryl SX/XL and they dont allow it in US. It protects the best and doesnt leave white film on the skin or weird smell that most sunscreen usually have. I always stock up while in London.

Artist who inspires you?

Beyonce and Angelina Jolie, and some of the models as well because I consider them as artists.


Top 3 Favorite books that had an impact on your life?

I have to admit im not big on reading books. Since I dont have much free time I usually spend it with my boyfriend, friends or family or im going crazy running errands. And when I have time to relax I just watch tv shows or movies. But if I have to pick a few then I guess HARRY POTTER. I grew up with it so it was always around over the years. I guess it was an "escape" for me from the real world.

I think my latest book obsession was 50 SHADES OF GREY . I enjoyed it very much even though it got too "romantic" towards the end.

During high school my fave was JANE EYRE and GONE WITH THE WIND. I always enjoy some romantic reading from Karen White and novels by Arthur Hailey. Cant forget to mention some fashion books as art pieces / coffee table books. I get so inspired by flipping thru the pages and looking at photographs. Also I adored GRACE a memoir by Grace Coddington.

Top indulgence?

I got spoiled by flying business. Its such an incredible difference in flying experience. And the other would be living in NYC. Sometimes I still cant believe its my home. Im very lucky.

Favorite city/country to travel to?

Tokyo is my absolute fav! I love Paris and London as well since I spent a lot of time there. The most amazing place I've ever been to was Bhutan! Incredible experience. And Costa Rica has a special place in my heart. I always recommend it to everyone.

Favorite scent/perfume?

I have one I've been using for a while but dont wanna tell since not many people have it. Its my characteristic.

But before I adored Docle&Gabbana THE ONE , Narciso Rodriguez FOR HER and ALIEN by Thierry there is so many great perfumes out there...either way to have a nice scent is very important to me and to people around haha.

Favorite designer?

Thats impossible to answer. Balenciaga for bags. Such a great quality. Clothing- Givenchy, Saint Laurent, Chalayan, Kenzo , Stella McCartney, Rag and Bone, Acne, IRO...I could just keep going. Everyone is excellent at different things..also varies by seasons. Easier to answer would be , my stores to go to for shopping...Barneys, Kirna Zabete in Soho and Opening Ceremony. And of course I cant forget Kiki de Montparnasse!!! For special occasions ladies! :)

Ultimate healthy meal:

Kale salad from Tuck Shop at Chelsea Market. Cant get enough of it!

Ultimate decadent meal:

Half an apple pie with vanilla ice-cream…

Your favorite, not so healthy treat:

Hmm thats so difficult..french fries, chocolate and bread

3 things on your bucket list:

I have a lot but these 3 are:

Getting my drivers license for motorcycle. I just have my learners permit for almost 2 years now and just dont have time to get it finally done.

Getting my green card which should be hopefully done within next few months.

Be fluent in French. I understand plenty due to my french classes in high school and by working in Paris a lot but I know I can get much much better by investing more time into it. I love learning and speaking different languages. Very helpfull while traveling as well or even just by working with different clients.

Latest inspiration:

We are doing some renovations and changes in the apt, so i would have to say Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn. They are my favorite furniture and decoration stores…always very inspiring.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Living somewhere in the US, with family , have two kids and managing some sort of business.

Message you would like to send out to the world:

My motto is, "everything happens for a reason"

Life is too short to stress about little things.Especially the ones we dont have any power over for them to change.

I used to stress about literally everything so I know how that feels.

Be selfish!! Make sure you are okay first. Its as important to take care of your mental health as your physical.

Try to get some balance in your life. Just then you will be able to fully take advantage of giving and helping to others.

Spend quality time with your family and loved ones.

Appreciate what you have.

Dont trust everything thats said on news or internet. Try to do your own research before you foolishly believe something!

Thanks beautiful Zuzana! You are gorgeous from the inside out.

- Lisa xo