Lisa's Questionnaire from SHOP Ghost

Growing up I wanted to be - a doctor, particularly a pediatrician. I adore kids and dogs, one could say I'm a true nurturer aka mama bear.

My style icons are Jane Birkin, Gisele Bundchen, Lauren Hutton, Phoebe Tonkin, Lily Aldridge.

My favorite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing.

An actress who inspires me is Angelina Jolie.

The craziest thing that’s happened to me is going skydiving on a whim!! I realized from it that I am a spontaneous soul, even though I do like creature of comfort. I love adventure.

The best outfit I ever wore thus far was/ is my reformation dress! I'm obsessed.

I always picture myself wearing a Calvin Klein dress to my wedding or something long sleeved and lacey

I own too many jeans

I don’t own enough stripey tees. I could never own enough striped anything.

I compulsively buy underwear: calvin klein, gooseberry intimates, pretty + lacey things

Always eat your vegetables.

I regret wearing all my brothers clothes when I thought he was the coolest kid on the block! Think oversized jordan jerseys and nike high tops

I wish I wore more color. But I feel soooooo good in black and neutrals.

One thing I couldn’t live without is family, green juice, sleep, water, coffee, ballet beautiful, my friends and my love.

I shop the most at Zara

Vintage is for cars and wine.

Sneakers go with workout wear, exclusively. I'm not big on sneakers with my clothes, apart from converse.

I always try to wear something comfortable, and clean.

On my days off you’ll find me writing on LBL, doing ballet beautiful, making salads with friends, hanging with the boyf, going to the park, reading, taking baths, recipe creating, and trying to do nothing sometimes (!)

A song I play on repeat is Frank Ocean - THINKIN BOUT YOU

Never have I ever gone bungee jumping

My favorite place on earth is the ocean & a yet to be ventured location...I have a feeling somewhere in Brazil...

I’m in love with LOVE.

The perfect breakfast consists of green juice, organic fruit + coffee

My go-to beauty routine is: Mario Badescu Enzyme Cleansing Gel + MB Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, Rose Water Spray, Pai Rosehip Oil, Arcona Serum + Shani Darden resurface + coconut oil for EVERYTHING!

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I'm asked a lot what my top 3 health tips are, and to be honest they are super, duper simple. I also don't know if I can limit it to 3, but I will try, with ONE that encompasses and is infused into ALL 3. Whenever embarking on a new journey, start small. . .

1. Green Juice
 - I'm a big green juice person. Big. It's like green blood to me - my life force. If I have a green juice and the rest of the day slowly starts going crazy as I can't fit in as many greens as I would want to, I know that at least I've had my green juice to start.

2. Sleep - Sleep is really important. I'm the biggest sleep freak. I sleep about eight to nine hours a day. Grandma, no?! I think this is my top health pick. Sleep is critical, and I believe as a nation, and globally we don't sleep enough.

3. Relax 
- Lastly, which is something I've learned over the past couple of months, is to not take anything to the extreme. I used to be that crazy person that was strict about what I did and didn't eat. Every morsel that went into my mouth was taken into account. It was a bit crucial as Food WAS & is my medicine. I was so diligent with exercise as I knew my lymph system needed extra loving. And as soon as I stopped thinking about it, I lost weight. I wasn't stressing about it. Having chocolate or raw goodies wasn't/isn't the biggest deal in the world. The balance and relaxing is what's really helped me.

3.5 - Love & Be gentle with yourself - When you LOVE yourself you will do all of the above + MORE. Cultivating this & truly embodying it, takes time so don't be hard on yourself. It took me y e a r s to learn, and was a massive part of my healing journey. Do I possess this self-love everyday, yes, every moment, NO!

I hope everyone has the most A M A Z I N G Saturday! It's +30 in Toronto and I have unlimited cold-pressed juice in my possession. It's the simple things in life that make me the happiest!

Peace our loves. Enjoy every moment + spread your joy + love.

love & light