V13522710782232250_4 We all have them.

But I think it is important to NOT associate guilt with them, even though they are inherently called 'guilty pleasures'. I think if they are good for you (i.e. not smoking, drinking, etc...) OR maybe not the BEST for you, but make you HAPPY then allow yourself the pleasure of enjoyment, without the guilt. If they are a little bit on the naughty side then try to limit them, as we want to create a healthy balance in our lives and bodies. Remember that they are still a conscious choice, so if they are destructive in anyway know that you are the only one controlling the steering wheel, so maybe try to steer them in a new direction or find healthier options (ie. BIG chocolate cheesecake ----> Small piece of raw chocolate cake) if they are becoming too frequent and are causing you any sort of mental or physical distress. Life is about enjoyment, but it is also about self love and living the best life we can, for ourselves and for the people closest to us! So have your guilty pleasures, but my mindful of the thoughts, actions + outcomes that they produce.

I will share a few of my own for a little Fun Friday Fact day:

-raw chocolate! -online shopping (specifically amazon for books, raw food sites for new goodies, natural/green beauty care) -long baths with salts + essential oils (jasmine, lavender) -TEDX videos - so inspiring! I could watch them for days... -sexy lingerie - I love it all. I dress really simply so when I have sexy undergarments on I feel like a million bucks ; ) -manicures/pedicures although I hardly get them done here. NYC was amazing for this! SO cheap and one on every corner. -perusing new health food stores for a v e r y long time -fresh flowers by my bedside (absolute favorites - white peonies, white tulips, white lilies...) -clean, white, fresh bedding with LOTS of pillows -watching mad men and downtown abbey on netflix OR new documentaries about health/wellness/our planet -quiet early mornings spent by my lonesome -camping! I really love the simplicity it brings and being surrounded by nature and its beauty. I've rafted down the Oranje River in Namibia in Africa and we pulled up to the banks, laid down our sleeping bags and slept. No tents, nothing...the beauty and serenity it brought was absolutely priceless and something I will remember forever -researching raw food/health gurus on the web - articles, video's, blogs. I LOVE the wealth of knowledge out there! -wearing jewelry with sentiment. I love jewelry with a story. So if you ever buy it for me, and even though it is not my style I will wear it with glee! It means so much to me that someone would take the time to pick out a piece for me. -dreaming of traveling the world, living in my big city and MAKING a difference. My life and purpose is to have an impact and I will dream it, live it and believe in it until it happens.

What are yours?

HAPPY FRIDAY LOVES. Have an amazing day + even more incredible weekend.