my mama

Today I remember my Mama, as it would of been her 66th Birthday.

It's been 13 years since we lost Mama, our angel and our best friend. I can't believe it has been that long. It still feels like yesterday that I could hear your voice,feel your touch and your warm and loving nature. Everything that I am today is because of you. You taught me to be the kindest most genuine person that I know, and that ANYTHING is possible. I work hard to make you proud, and carry you with me every single moment. You are always in my heart and I feel blessed to have had the moments we had together. Your selflessness is something that I marvel at daily, and practice daily.

I love you Mama and feel lucky to have a super special Angel up there. I will be the woman you always taught me to be.

The moment God took you from us, a piece of our heart when with you too.

Be thankful for your family and loved ones. Family is the most important thing on this planet, without it life just isn't the same.

Lets all celebrate life today!


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