Coming back from any journey is always one of reflection, realizations and new vigor. After taking over two years off from blogging (aka, my heart is calling me back. For no other reason than I am filled with new passion, knowledge, inspirations, stories and people I want to share.

I want to help, bottom-line, and with that I want a voice. This website, my new blog + new business (!) will be just that.

I want everyone who reads this to recognize their own true inner beauty, amongst all the craziness of our world! Nothing is more important than our body, mind and spirit.

What you will see here will be everything from high fashion, to nutrition (my love), to interviews of top industry leaders (models, make-up artists, visionaries, people who are changing the world), to personal stories of my life and everything in-between.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season! Such a time for pure, pure joy in every facet.

Can't wait to start this new journey. . . Welcome to LIFE BY LEESE.

xx L

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