euc-baby-blue-top-2-cropped2 I grew up in a home where health was important. My father came from a farm with 12 siblings, and everything came from their organic garden, and my mother came over from Europe where food mentality is extremely different than what we believe + practice here. My parents tried to make sure we ate real food, from the earth, and any medicine used was all natural, for the most part. We did ingest a few spoonfuls of triaminic + flinestone vitamins, but those were more seen as candy (the vitamins!) and the cold medicine was most of the time spit out ;) . I am not a doctor, specialist or scientist, but I believe ALL human ailments, sicknesses, etc. have a lot to do with what we eat, breathe and put on our skin, almost everything really. There is the major argument about genetic's, but in recent studies about epigenics it shows that WE can influence the course of our genes!!! POWERFUL stuff. Back to my point, I also believe plants and foods found in the earth/growing on trees were meant to help and heal us. I sound like a massive hippie granola, but it's what I live, breathe and how I will raise my family. You’ll thank me later ;)

I bought some Eucalyptus at Loblaws a few months ago and, as I do, started researching Eucalyptus benefits and uses. I've become a tad obsessed with it, as its smell brings me back to my childhood. My mama would have eucalyptus around the house! I remember smelling it when I was younger, and thinking it smelled w e i r d. Luckily I've grown up, and can now fully appreciate the smell, benefits + healing properties.

After getting really sick this past week, I've been researching even more into healing naturally! I'm so passionate about learning more, growing + helping others. On to this miraculous plant . . .

Eucalyptus is anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and is typically used in cough drops or inhalants to treat everything on the list below (and more). Winter still has its grip on us and Eucalyptus is amazing to have around home these next few wintery weeks . . . Here are a few recipes and uses for any Eucalyptus you’ve bought for your home! xo

Winter Eucalyptus Medicinal Uses:

- Bronchitis

- Colds/Coughs

- Congestion

- Flu

- Fevers

- Sore throats

How to Use:

General Eucalyptus Tea:

Pour 1 cup of boiled water over 1/2 tsp of dried eucalyptus leaves (found at most health-food stores). Cover + steep for 10 min; strain. Sweeten with manuka honey (super healing!!!). You can drink up to 2 – 3 cups a day. Caution: Don’t use more than 1/2 teaspoon per cup of water, as it's very powerful.

Eucalyptus Tea for Asthma & Bronchitis:

- 1.5 ounce dried eucalyptus leaves

- 1 ounce dried coltsfoot leaves

- 1 ounce dried thyme leaves

Use one teaspoon of this mixture per cup of boiling water. Tea mixture helps open a tight respiratory tract + congested lungs.

Eucalyptus Tea for Colds:

- 1 ounce dried peppermint leaves

- 1/2 ounce dried eucalyptus leaves

- 1/2 ounce dried chamomile flowers

Use 1 tsp of this mixture per cup of boiling water. Sweeten with honey. These herbs are known for their decongestant + expectorant effects.

Steam Inhalation:

Fill kettle with water + place on high heat until boiling. In the meantime, fill a bowl with 2-3 fresh or dried eucalyptus leaves. Pour boiling water in bowl. Place head over bowl, and towel over your head (creates a tent), and inhale the steam slowly. Helps with congestion + bronchitis.

There you have it the b e a u t y of plants + flowers around your house! I adore flowers ( especially peonies + white roses + lilies & I can't forget orchids) BUT plants have SO many medicinal properties, that when we have them in our home environments we soak up their benefits as well.

What do you like to keep around the house?

I hope everyone is having a beautiful + healthy week.

love & light