PicMonkey Collage Creating a Healthy, Happy and Loving Home Environment.

What does this mean to you?

When I was healing I remember my Naturopath, who was a beautiful Indian woman who believed in Ayurveda + the power of thoughts, told me "Lisa, a huge part of healing is your surroundings, your thoughts, and the Power & Belief in wanting to get better. This is going to determine if you heal or not. Most of my patients are scouring the internet for support, symptom affirmation, healing modalities & Lymes Forums. DON'T be this person. You are greater, more powerful and WILL HEAL. It all starts from within & what you choose to surround yourself with." . . . this resonated with me G R E A T L Y & is something I whole heartedly live and believe. I remember cyring tears of JOY when I got diagnosed, because I felt powerful, and IN control for the first time in 7 years. I KNEW that my body could heal itself, and I was ready to tackle anything that came my way. Bring it on Lymes, you will NOT thrive and survive in my body!!! One of my first steps (besides a HIGHLY Alkaline Diet), was creating a nurturing & loving space. One that bread light, love, good vibz and healing light.

Here are a few of my tips for creating this space //

1. HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP - I had two in my room. If you don't have one, I HIGHLY suggest getting one! Essentially what it does it releases Negative Ions into the air which cleanses and purifies it. Not only that but as we prepare to sleep the only lights we should be looking at are in the red/orange family as this stimulates melatonin, the hormone CRUCIAL for inducing & maintaining a restful sleep (NO more computers & looking at screens before bed!!!) ESPECIALLY if you are trouble falling asleep. If you can't switch off in the evenings, at least try to eliminate heavy light, especially technology within an hour of preparation for a restful slumber.

2. BOOKS - Surrounding myself with words, wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. I haven't owned a TV in 8 years, and don't watch TV, unless I am at someones house and it's on! I'm not militant about it, I just choose not to own one or watch it on a daily basis. During my healing process I had trouble reading, as it was hard for me to concentrate, connect words and the pages would blur most often than not. But as I grew stronger books became my best friends! Think of how you feel when you enter a beautiful library or quaint bookstore. . . it's calm, peaceful & has an energy that is palpable to the mind, body and soul.

3. PLANTS / FLOWERS - I kept a fresh bouquet of flowers all the time, and had a few plants in my room! ( Aloe Vera especially - it's one of the only plants to self heal ;) It inspired me every time I looked at it.) If I plant could heal itself, SO COULD I! My favorite flowers include - peonies, roses, & lilies.

4. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CANDLES / SCENTS - I simply adore candles. The light, mood, and energy of them is lovely and very healing. Harsh light can trigger negative memories and can hurt the retinas.

5. MY VISION BOARD - I scoured Pinterest and put together pictures, words, quotes and goals that would INSPIRE me every single day. I saved on a USB drive and printed them off so I could attach them to a board which I hung across from my bed. I looked at it every single morning & evening. It was the last and first thing that I saw every. single. day. It was full of lush and nourishing foods, healing words, quotes, goals for my future. Visualization and Manifestation is H U G E for me. I believe that when you put something out into the Universe, you better be prepared to receive it. Our words and thoughts are SO, SO, SO powerful. I can't stress this enough.

6. THOUGHTS / ACTIONS / NURTURING BEHAVIORS - What and how you surround yourself is a choice. For me creating a loving + nurturing home is a h u g e priority. It's a dream of mine to have a family home that simply radiates love, health, positive vibz 24/7 and infusing it with ALL my love, energy & undying love for my family and our envrionment in our immediate space, but also taking this energy and emitting it outwards to others, our planet and the greater good. Essentially shrouding everyone, and everything in UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. This ultimately creates a DREAM HOME, my dream home anyways. When there is love, anything is possible.

At the end of the day creating a healthy, happy and nurturing home takes mindfulness and setting the intention of making it a priority. Pure air, alkaline water system, juicer, fresh plants and flowers, clean + organic bedding, natural cleaners, art work that makes you happy, no clutter, being surrounded by nature, fresh + pure scents, home cooked organic meals eaten on a communal table, healing lights, big windows, natural light . . . you put money towards things to YOU & your family value.

What do you do to create a healthy & happy home?

I hope everyone is having a beautiful week!

love & light