I often get asked what I do on a daily basis to keep healthy and stay full of energy, do I practice what I preach?

Side Note *** My body is a lot more sensitive and in need of a bit more 'intense' routine, as I'm still met with the reality of Lyme Disease. Even though I truly believe it's not a part of me, it doesn't mean I can throw all caution to the wind and do whatever I please! Food is still my medicine, but I whole heartedly believe in balance, as no one is perfect. No one. I also don't eat healthy food 'just because', I eat it because it give me so. much. joy and I love it to the moon and back. My passion for health, wellness and nutrition is out of this world, and when I can share this with others it reaffirms my purpose here on earth.

So lets get into it !Β Here is a glimpse into my daily, nightly routines and every day practices that are non-negotiables in my life -


  • Wake up between 530am -6 am everyday (On weekends I 'sleep in' until 7-730, and if my body really needs some extra sleep I just sleep until I wake up and allow my body to get what it needs)
  • FIRST thing that enters my mouth is warm lemon water - I prepare a liter of this and sip it throughout my Ballet Beautiful work out, along with a organic genmaicha green tea
  • Movement - Always. This allows me to move into my day, gets my lymphatic system starting to flow and I find it very meditative. For me this encompasses Ballet Beautiful, stretching and sometimes I will head down to the gym to jump rope for 30 minutes to really get my heart pumping.
  • Organic coffee or Bulletproof coffee (coffee, grass-fed butter, MCT oil all blended together) - This cup brings my joy! When I was really healing with Lyme Disease I gave up coffee for over two years, and I'm just so happy my body is able to metabolize it. YAY for coffee.
  • Breakfast - Always. Truth be told I never used to be a breakfast person. I remember as a young girl never wanting to eat my cereal before school, I just didn't like to eat for thing. Fast forward to a few years ago when I finally started to bulk up my breakfasts and my body has never been happier. I've noticed the biggest shifts in my body / weight with this addition. Now my stomach grumbles until I've eaten (hunger first thing upon waking is the KEY! It means your cortisol levels are low and that you're metabolism is churning). I now indulge in butter coffees, raw paleo cookies, smoothies, oatmeal, chia puddings, avocado + protein, quinoa salads...I love it, and so does my body.
  • Water - All day, everyday. My happy place sits around 3-4 Liters. I know that may sound like A LOT but my body feels best with this amount. Some people only need 2, but I swear I'm part fish or something, as I don't feel satisfied with 2, I need more.
  • Walking - I walk everywhere. No ubers, no cabs, no public transport (unless it's very far!), I leave my house earlier and enjoy the solitude and time I get to myself and outside. I thoroughly enjoy it.
  • Greens throughout the day - I'm either munching in salads, cucumbers, sipping green juice, drinking green smoothies, eating bowls of broccoli w/ sprouts, whatever time of day and at every meal I'm eating greens! To me they are life. It's cheesy, but how I describe them to people is that the are liquid sunshine, through photosynthesis, right?
  • Skincare - I always wash my skin morning + night, In the AM- Β wash, antioxidant serum + sunscreen w/ moisturizer and rose spray, in the PM- wash w/ foreo luna, serum or retinol, PURA face oil + rose spritz. A few times a week I sheet mask and exfoliate.
  • Read- I have book ADD, so I'm trying to be better with that! At the moment though I'm reading / studying a massive nutrition book that I'm obsessed with. It's always good to stretch your mind, and even though I have a solid base of nutrition / healing there is SOOOOO much more to learn and put into practice.
  • Write - For my Blog, E-Book and Articles for submission. It's strange because growing up English Studies and writing were always my weakest subjects, as I excelled in science, biology and math. But I'm learning each day, and although I'm in no way a great writer, I've developed my voice and style. I still have many tweaks to work out in turns of grammar and structure, as it's definitely a work in progress. Writing is very freeing for me, and I find a wonderful creative outlet in it. I do it everyday.
  • Connect - Converse with family, friends, clients, and strangers! Communication and connection is LIFE. Now that my work is seeped in much more solitude, it's imperative to connect with other humans!!! Even if this is quick coffee dates (outside of work hours :) ), sending a quick text / emoji to let my loved ones know that I'm thinking about them, or going to a coffee shop alone to work, and speaking with the people there.


This isn't everything that I do in a day (WAY more eating involved, but I'll do a post on what I eat in a day soon!), but these are some of my habits that I've cultivated that are now second nature. I don't even really think about them too much, as they are a part of me. They aren't always easy (writing, networking, waking up at the crack of dawn) but I find joy in them. I love pushing myself, and through all of these habits I'm learning, growing and stretching myself to become a better human so I can serve others.

For those looking for major and sustainable transformation in their lives through holistic nutrition, wellness practices, using the mind / body connection and establishing NEW daily habits, I so look forward to connecting over a session

Happy Monday Everyone,


Lisa X