Wow, this month absolutely flew by! How is it already March??? I hope you had a wonderful Month!!!!

Whenever the first snowfall hits somewhere around November / December up here in Canada, we look ahead and think the winter is going to be so dark, cold and long... but you blink a eye, and it's March. The season where things start to shift, energetically and physically.

Internally we start to feel a sense of awakening within, this coincides beautifully with nature. Snow starts to melt, greenery starts to poke it's head, and although it's too early for flowerings budding, the days where the warm air brushes against your face, and everything begins to thaw, you know in your heart that it's coming. This lightness and excitement you feel will carry you through those colder Spring days, for you know what lies ahead!

Tension releases, dark days start to become a thing of the past, and we all feel that internal boost that will make going to the gym in the morning easier, or have you reaching for more salads, and greens!

There is hope for better days for many!!! I know the winter can be hard on a lot of people, so this season brings awakened energy, and a sense of rebirth for many.

I actually don't mind the winter, as I grew up in Alberta, which is known for it's looooong, cold and dark winters, so my winters in Toronto are a breeze. I actually enjoy them, and find this season very rejuvenating, and relaxing.

Looking back at these past two months, January and February, they have been spent in a lot of solitude. I feel like this season called for it, so I just went with it, although it wasn't always easy. I had lots to learn, discover, and study. I had to do this on my own, so there I was. Me and my computer, cafes, 5am wake ups, books, editing my ebook, developing my new website with my designer, podcasts, journals, and bed...repeat. I learned a lot, made new discoveries, advances in my business, experienced lots of personal growth, and it was wonderful! This I had to do on my own, even though it wasn't always easy.

Flashback to this past Monday where I was hit with A LOT of emotion, and the realization that I can't do this alone... I'm a very disciplined and determined human (always have been! Ever since I was little. My mama would share stories of my fierce independence and stubborn self), so I have this idea in my head that I have to create, build, grow, and do this all on my own. Any and all 'success' that comes my way (not referring to monetary, as I don't do this for $), but my ability to grow my reach (audience) so I'm able to help A LOT, A LOT of people, all has to be done by marching down the field with no one behind me! OF course I have the loving support of my amazing fiancé, family and friends. That is never, ever questioned. But I pulled myself inward to push forward, all the while realizing that although I was learning and growing, I would of done even more growing and getting outside of my comfort zone with more support, risk taking, relationship building, and asking for help!!!!!!

How many of you have felt this way before? Or was this season a season of solitude for you as well? I know I'm not alone in this, as it's very easy to push forward on our own because we think it's the right thing to do, and that to do great things, reach a lot of people and achieve your dreams and goals, YOU have to do it all by yourself! I learned this isn't even close to being the truth.

Due to these past two months, and thanks to some wise wisdom of the multitude of podcasts I listened to, I'm starting a girl gang business group for like minded entrepreneurs, girlbosses and woman wanting to make a difference and share their unique gifts! It will be a monthly meeting of the minds, and we will be there to support, guide, love, push, and motivate each other personally, and in business. I CAN'T WAIT! It's all coming together, and I will definitely be sharing more about this on my social media channels. Some amazzzzzing and inspiring women thats for sure!


I know I've been quite reflective on here and my social media these past few weeks! I'm such a positive and happy human being, so it's been hard for me to share some of these 'dimmer' moments, but I want to be honest, real and open with all of you.  I want to show you that any and everything you see online is filtered, and is only seconds of someones life. I don't want you to get discouraged, lose hope, feel bad about yourself, or compare yourself to what you see. Everyone has their own story and journey, and no one is perfect. No one! Everyone has darker days, and seasons of life that are difficult. It's how we flow through them, bounce back, and use what we learned to help someone else.


PHEW OK, I hope that wasn't too 'heavy' for you guys! Or that these past few weeks / month hasn't felt this way. I only want you to feel uplifted, inspired, motivated and filled with hope, courage and love when you come here. I hope by being honest and real with you, it leaves you just the same. <3


SOOOOO before we move forward into this new, fresh and energetically charged Month, I'm taking a look back at this Month in posts! I have lots of simple and nutrient dense recipes to share, some of my favorite superfoods, affirmations, and my weekly features with LOTS of inspiration, motivation and fun things to check out. Everything is clickable, so if you missed posts this past month, it's all recapped here, for your viewing pleasure.


ENJOY + THANK YOU! Thank you for being you, for reading, supporting, commenting, sharing and spreading the love and kindness beyond these pages. My grateful heart thanks you.























Lisa X